Netflix shares hold up relatively well amid Disney streaming service news

Netflix shares slipped Thursday following news Disney would begin its own streaming service. While that means competition in the streaming industry is growing, Netflix' own planning could help keep it on top.

Netflix shares hold up relatively well amid Disney streaming service news

Netflix shares ended the Thursday US trading session lower, following news that that growing rival Disney, will launch its own streaming service.

News that Disney programming would no longer be available on Netflix from 2019 was announced earlier in the autumn. Therefore, confirmation of the movie giant’s desire to provide its own streaming service, wasn’t likely a huge surprise.

However, it was still enough to help push Netflix shares down 1.3%. And, the pre-market activity also pegs Netflix shares a little lower, Friday.

Netflix to lose Marvel series?

Once the Disney streaming service is up and running, it’s also possible that the Disney created Marvel series, that currently shows on Netflix, will be moved to the Disney streaming services.

Nothing has yet been confirmed, but it would make strategical sense, if the right agreements with the relevant companies and subsidiaries can be made.

However, while that would represent a loss to Netflix, it appears the US-based streaming giant already has plans of its own.  

Netflix business outlook still positive

While the competition in the streaming business is hotting up – Disney’s news follows Amazon’s recently announced production investment plans – Netflix also has some good news of its own.

Not only did Netflix detail in its recent results announcement plan to invest more in creating more of its own productions, it’s August acquisition of Scottish-based comic publisher, Millarworld, could hold the key to its action, fantasy programming.

It was confirmed shortly after the summer deal, that Millarworld would continue to publish its own material, too. A potential breeding ground for new characters, stories and series for the Netflix streaming service.

Add to that the prowess of Millarworld’s founder Mark Millar, with regards to superhero fantasy filmmaking and the future for this genre on Netflix isn’t as worrisome as it might have been.

Indeed, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Millar highlighted his interest in considering any new creations, from all angles.

“If something was turned into a movie, that was a lovely novelty in the past, whereas now when I’m creating stories as a member of staff, I need to keep my eye on the whole picture,” Millar said.

“We’re thinking of these as movies and TV shows, and the ones we feel would be great for comics will also appear as comic books,” he added.

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