Nissan shares end lower as car maker plans wider Asia launch of electric LEAF car

Nissan shares closed lower Tuesday, amid a downbeat tone, as the car maker said it will make its all electric LEAF model available in seven more Asian markets.

Nissan shares end lower as car maker plans wider Asia launch of electric LEAF car

Nissan shares ended lower in Asian trade Tuesday, in line with the broader global market sell-off that is showing no signs of ending soon. The car manufacturer announced it will launch its electric LEAF model across some key Asian markets, as its seeks to improve its emissions free pedigree.

Nissan shares closed 1.58% lower at JPY1,151 in the Japanese stock market, Tuesday. The Nissan stock has been on a downward trend for a little over a week.

Nissan aims to grow electric car sales

In line with other global car makers, Nissan is working hard to create a popular lower-emissions car it can successfully market to a number of audiences. News it will offer the LEAF model to seven new markets across Asia, fits into that planning.

The Nissan LEAF will be available in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand. Nissan is also considering selling its electric model car in the Philippines and Indonesia.

“The new Nissan LEAF is the most advanced, yet accessible 100% electric vehicle on the planet,” said Nissan’s Regional Senior Vice President Yutaka Sanada.

“This ingenuous car will make you feel more confident, more excited, more connected than any other mainstream electric vehicle. The launch in so many markets shows our commitment to playing a leading role in electrification in this dynamic region,” Sanada added.

More consumers open to buying electric cars

News that Nissan will expand its electric car market comes as a study commission by the car maker, shows that one-in-three southeast Asian consumers “are open to purchasing an electric vehicle”.

Some 37% of consumers in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam are open to considering the purchase of an electric car. Thailand and Indonesian consumers were the most enthusiastic, the Nissan commissioned study shows.

The study also found that consumers didn’t fully understand all the options related to owning an electric car, including how to charge them.

“The survey reveals that safety concerns and charging concerns run high on customers' minds,” Sanada said. “If the industry and government can take away these barriers, the full potential of EVs can be reached.”

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