Apple shares rise as tech giant update iPhone data and privacy details

Apple shares closed higher amid a broader US stock market rally and as the US tech giant updates its data and privacy rules.

Apple shares rise as tech giant update iPhone data and privacy details

Apple shares closed in the green Thursday, as the US markets rallied in the last trading day of March. The tech innovator also unveiled a new and updated data and privacy terms section in its latest iOS updates.

Apple shares ended the Thursday US session 0.78% higher at $167.78. The stock had moved notably above that level earlier in the day.

Apple’s privacy rules comply with incoming EU rules

Apple’s latest data and privacy update has been in the works since January, in order to comply with the new incoming EU GDPR data privacy rules. They are stricter and clearer than the previous protection laws.

However, regardless of why Apple has chosen to update its user data and privacy rules, the timing of this update is fortuitous for Tim cook’s business.

Facebook remains embroiled in the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Meanwhile, Governments both sides of the Atlantic are becoming increasingly aware that consumer data privacy must be better protected.

The Apple iOS updates and privacy changes are across all its devices and will make it easier for users to understand when and how their data is being used while they are interacting with their Apple products.

“iOS 11.3 makes it even easier to understand how personal data may be used,” an Apple press release on the update reads.

Privacy update details

Following the update, users will see a new message when they power up their phone:

“Apple believes privacy is a fundamental human right, so every Apple product is designed to minimize the use and collection of your data, use on-device processing wherever possible and provide transparency and control over your information.”

The tech giant has also introduced a new data and privacy icon which will appear on screen each time a user accesses an app or feature that requires use of your personal information.

This should help make it clearer how often your data will be used as users enjoy their online devices.

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