Upcoming ICO: BIDIUM: where auction and freelance hire meets crypto exchange…

A cryptocurrency exchange platform powered with a freelance network and auction services will begin its ICO on May 25th.

Upcoming ICO: BIDIUM: where auction and freelance hire meets crypto exchange…

BIDIUM, the brains behind the new blockchain platform, already has a presale underway and will start its main ICO with a hard cap of $10 million.

Offering auction, trading, exchange and freelance hiring services, BIDIUM says its unique recipe sets it apart from the rest.

The BIDIUM exchange will accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and the BIDIUM token will be used as the main token on the exchange. As an incentive, 0.1% charges apply if the BIDM token is used, compared to 1% charge for other currencies. It is believed that other altcoins will be usable on the platform at a later date.

With the help of blockchain technology, one of the major aims of BIDIUM is to offer more transparency to freelancers when making an initial application to the platform, as well as improved customer support; faster transactions and the elimination of data falsification’ through blockchain.

The team behind BIDIUM also says the platform stands out because of the facility to buy cryptocurrency with Fiat money, sell crypto currencies to Fiat and perform transactions with freelancers using cryptocurrencies.

Unique proposition

Nausheen Ahmad, BIDIUM CEO said that it is already gaining lots of support and more people are requesting to join its whitelist.

He said: “We offer a unique exchange solution, coupled with an effective platform, mainly for employers and freelancers. Maybe there are freelance hiring platforms available on blockchains but I can tell you with conviction that no one in the blockchain industry has effectively combined multiple solutions of auction, trading, exchange and freelance hiring.”



The launch of each service will occur separately but consecutively throughout Q3 and Q4 2018, with the exchange APP launched in July, followed by the freelancer APP in August and the E-bid platform in December.

The main ICO price will be $0.02 per BIDM token, a move up from the presale price of $0.01 per token. The total supply of BIDM tokens is 1,000,000,000.

The ICO accepts contributions with a minimum of 50 USD with a maximum of 10,000 USD but investors can contribute as many times as they like without the total going above 10,000 USD. 


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