Upcoming ICO: Can Luckchemy prove itself in ICO?

A platform that promises to bring about ‘provable fairness’ to the online gambling industry is launching its ICO on May 22nd.

Upcoming ICO: Can Luckchemy prove itself in ICO?

Luckchemy uses blockchain technology and off-chain cryptography to address the existing problems of fraud, lack of anonymity and pay out manipulations rife in iGaming.

Discounted tokens attracting interest

The roadmap is on track with the launch of the platform scheduled for July and with $500,000 already raised in the pre-sale, it seems as if plans are going well.  Coinspeaker appears to agree, stating that Luckchemy is ‘attracting interest’ in a recent article.

10.5% of the total LUK tokens are for sale at 40% discount, equating to 105,000,000 LUK , whereas tokens available in the main ICO will be on offer at a 20% discount on the first 175,000,000 LUK tokens.  

Token holders who invest at the early stages will be able to use them later for games or sell them at higher prices in exchanges. There will also be a monthly lottery token holders are entered into, the greater the number of tokens held in their wallet, the greater the chances are of winning. Designed for long-term use and value, the distribution of the tokens is scalable.

In terms of token allocation, 70% will be in the token sale, 15% lottery fund, with the remaining portions going to private placement and partners.

What’s the big idea?

The first products launched on the Luckchemy platform will be lottery and scratchers. Later on, developers will be able to upload their games onto the site and reach new audiences and there will be an online gaming portal too.

In terms of the technology, the overall plan is to improve the reputation of online gaming by making it a more trusted entity, with the help of blockchain technology. Winnings from all games will go to a winner’s wallet and the whole process is underpinned with the use of Smart Contracts.

The brains behind the project includes web development, ad tech and crypto experts who have come together to create this ‘provably fair’ gambling platform.

The public sale will begin on May 22nd and discounted tokens are available to purchase using ETH. The public sale has a total hard cap of $31,565,344 (45,360 ETH) with 1 LUK = 0.00008 ETH

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