Facebook shares rise amid update on its fight against fake news

Facebook shares are higher Thursday as the social media platform updates users on its fight against fake news.

Facebook shares rise amid update on its fight against fake news

Facebook shares are higher Thursday, as the global social media platform shares a number of updates including on how its faring in its fight against fake news on its site. The platform has also introduced a feature that allows some community groups to charge users for membership.

By 1645 BST, Facebook shares were 0.35% higher at $202.71. The stock has eased back a little from an all-time high of over $203 that it hit during the Wednesday US session.

Facebook continues to work against fake news

Facebook said Thursday that it has expanded its fact-checking processes, which are now operational in 14 different countries. It adds that this feature will expand even further before the end of the year.

In addition to that, Facebook is testing a video and photo fact-checking process. This is to help stop videos and photos from being removed from their original context and placed into another, completely different and sometimes opposing one.

The US tech giant is also working to improve its privacy and transparency measurement processes.

“Over the last year and half, we have been committed to fighting false news through a combination of technology and human review, including removing fake accounts, partnering with fact-checkers, and promoting news literacy,” said Tessa Lyons, Business Lead at Facebook.

“This effort will never be finished and we have a lot more to do,” she added.

Community groups can now charge membership subscriptions

Separately, Facebook is testing a feature allowing some community group admins the right to charge members a subscription fee.

The ability to charge members a fee to remain part of the community is being piloted as a response to community admins’ request to raise funds to improve their community offerings.

“We hear from group admins that they’re looking for ways to help them earn money to deepen engagement with their members and continue to support their communities,” Alex Deve, Product Director of Groups for Facebook said.

“As we learn from this pilot and understand how group members feel about subscription groups, we’ll continue to improve this experience to help admins offer more to their members and continue to invest in their communities,” Deve added.

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