Apple shares open lower as tech giant is set to unveil new air pods in 2019

Apple shares fall as reports highlight new, higher tech AirPod's should arrive in 2019.

Apple shares open lower as tech giant is set to unveil new air pods in 2019

Apple shares have opened lower in the US Monday as the trade tariff dispute escalates. The tech innovator is also reportedly working hard on a new version of air pods that could be unveiled some time in 2019.

Tim Cook’s tech business has also admitted to problems with some of the keys on its MacBooks and the company will fix them for free.

By 1615 BST, Apple shares were 1.06% lower at $182.93. Shares have been moving broadly lower for the past three weeks.

Apple’s new AirPods

A Bloomberg report states that the new AirPods Apple is working on will cost more than the current version’s price tag of $159.

However, they should come complete with noise-cancellation and water resistance. The water resistance is for when users were them in the rain and even to cope with sweat on a hot day.

Internal discussions over the planned, higher-tech AirPods, are said to have included health-related features such as biometric sensors, such as heart-rate monitors.

It’s also possible that Apple could broaden the manufacturing options for the newer AirPods by working with FoxConn, a move that could help increase the rate of output of the next AirPod roll out.

Apple to fix faulty MacBook keyboards for free

Separately, Apple has also admitted that there is a fault with its newer MacBook keyboards. And, after a number of complaints, the tech giant has agreed to fix all affected keyboards for free.

The problem has arisen with the newer butterfly style keyboard, which has been an update from the previous, scissor style keyboards. The free fix is available for a variety of MacBooks manufactured between 2015-2017.

In addition, a petition is ongoing, requestibg Apple to recall every MacBook Pro sold since 2016.

“Apple, it's time: recall every MacBook Pro released since Late 2016, and replace the keyboards on all of them with new, redesigned keyboards that just work,” the petition is titled. To-date 31,679 signatures have been added to it.

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