Walmart shares news: US grocer pulls ‘Impeach 45’ t-shirt from online store

Walmart shares rose Tuesday amid the growing outcry over the 'Impeach 45' t-shirts available on its online store, through a third-party seller.

Walmart shares news: US grocer pulls ‘Impeach 45’ t-shirt from online store

Walmart shares closed higher in the US Tuesday amid a row over a slogan t-shirt on sale on its website, which includes many items sold by third-parties. The item in question was a t-shirt with the slogan ‘Impeach 45’ sold by Old Glory.

The sale of the t-shirt sparked an online outrage and spawned the #boycottwalmart online movement.

Walmart shares ended the US Tuesday session 0.52% higher at $84.44. The US stock market is closed Wednesday for American Independence Day.

Shoppers boycott Walmart

Walmart has removed the t-shirt from its website. However, the #boycottwalmart protest is continuing apace on social media.

Walmart sells a wide variety of goods and items on its website, including pro-Trump sloganed items too. Make America Great Again is a popular slogan on items available through the site.

However, shoppers have taken offence at the Old Glory t-shirt, sparking a huge social media outcry. It appears to have calmed a little, Wednesday, though, as Americans celebrate the 4th of July.

The movement appears to have stemmed from one tweet asking Walmart why it was selling ‘Impeach 45’ baby clothes on its site. That went viral and the #boycottwalmart movement gathered pace within hours.

Walmart reviewing policies

Following the outcry over the anti-Trump t-shirts, Walmart issued a brief statement.

“These items were sold by third party sellers on our open marketplace, and were not offered directly by Walmart,” a spokesperson from the company told the BBC. “We're removing these types of items pending review of our marketplace policies.”

Some of the comments at the political slogan have been quite calm. They include one suggesting Walmart shouldn’t politicise its goods.

Other social media posts have pointed to the pro-Trump items on sale on the site, suggesting that in the name of balance, both pro- and anti-Trump goods should be sold by the retailer.

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