Upcoming ICO: Carmel’s education tech platform

Software developer platform prepares for ICO launch.

Upcoming ICO: Carmel’s education tech platform

Carmel, a decentralized education platform for upskilling and tracking the progress of potential and experienced software developers is planning its main ICO, beginning on October 22nd. The presale is already live and will end when the main ICO begins.

Education Platform

The EOS blockchain platform is a learning community where tech educators like teachers and lecturers can extend their classroom-focused learning plans. It has been designed based on the theory that Artificial Intelligence and robots will become more dominant in the work place and render some workers unnecessary. On its website Carmel states: ‘Robots are well on their way to replace 30% of the UK jobs by the early 2030s and 38% of US jobs,as research by PWC shows in a recent report.’

As a solution, Carmel is a distributed open source, learning community platform that will arm software developers with improved skill sets via tokenized peer challenges. Users will be able to create mobile APPs and websites, without previous experience or existing skills. Carmel has identified a problem with learning in that progress is not easily tracked, thereofore using the peer approach where ‘content can be created in a scalable way as the network grows.’ It is expected that the token will increase in value as demand for the Carmel Challenge increases.

ICO details

The total token supply is 70,000,000.  The standard token is ERC20 and payment methods include ETH and EOS. The token price is 1 USD and the amount for sale is 42,000,000 CARMEL.

The main ICO begins on October 22nd and will end on December 31st. For more information you can join the Telegram: https://t.me/carmelplatform


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