Upcoming ICO: vibeo a new chat app with a ‘twist’

Powered by blockchain, a new app from vibeo that facilitates crypto purchases with ETH is launching its ICO in seven days’ time.

Upcoming ICO: vibeo a new chat app with a ‘twist’

Both booking and orders are made through the app using a crypto wallet, enabling users to simply pay for goods and servicing with their phone. A messaging service is built within the platform, as well as advanced location services and travel safety updates.

vibeo Whitepaper

In its whitepaper, vibeo says there is an increasing number of people using messenger-style apps as a general form of communication. It says: “Mobile messaging now has more users than web 2.0 social networks, higher retention rates than these platforms, and more smartphone users are spending their time on the platforms than with other mobile applications.” It says this presents an opportunity for more development in messaging.


vibeo has a number of key features, including: screen sharing conference calls for three people; offline messaging and location sharing; a travelling safety feature which records your location every five minutes and sends notifications to a chosen party. Also, there is an interactive map where users can see other people close by, as well as merchants which accept cryptocurrencies. Users can also take advantage of a ‘mini-timeline blog’ to record memories and occasions.

ICO details

Vibeo’s ICO will run from October 2nd until October 31st 2018. The total amount of tokens is 950,000,000 and there is an initial token price of $0.5000. The softcap is 2,000 ETH and there is a hardcap of 40,000 ETH. Currencies accepted are ETH. To join the Telegram visit the Vibeo website: https://vibeo.io/

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