Amazon shares rise as it expands Whole Foods delivery and pickup locations

Amazon shares closed higher in the US Thursday, as the tech giant announced the further expansion of home delivery and store pick up, into new states.

Amazon shares rise as it expands Whole Foods delivery and pickup locations

Amazon shares closed higher in the US Tuesday, as the tech giant announced the expansion of grocery delivery and pickup services at Whole Foods Market. The service is clearly proving popular as Amazon works to roll out further locations for delivery and store pick up.

Amazon shares ended the US Tuesday trading session 0.32% higher at $1,870.32. The stock is also currently higher in out-of-hours activity.

Amazon’s Whole Foods delivery expansion

Amazon said Tuesday, that it had further expanded the home delivery option for its Whole Foods customers to at least seven new locations:

  • Annapolis.
  • Cleveland.
  • Louisville.
  • North and Central New Jersey.
  • Pittsburgh.
  • Locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In addition to that, in-store pick up from Whole Foods Markets is now also available in Louisville, Dayton and Omaha.

“Prime Now delivery continues to be a hit with our customers and we’re excited to introduce the service in five new cities plus more neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area,” said Christina Minardi, Whole Foods Market Executive Vice President of Operations.

“And for our customers in Dayton, Louisville and Omaha, we’re thrilled to also offer the option of grocery pickup. It’s just another way we’re making it even easier for more customers to enjoy Whole Foods Market’s healthy and organic food,” Minardi added.

Amazon scraps AI recruiting tool

Separately, Reuters has reported the tech behemoth has ended development of a ‘secret’ AI recruiting tool, because it preferred men’s resume’s over women’s.

The article states that after working on the program since 2014, the team discovered that it developed a bias towards men’s CV’s. This was likely due to the fact that the data that had been fed to the program was dominated by men’s resume’s, reflecting a natural bias in the tech sector.

However, that bias spread across the program and it was found to penalise applicants using the term ‘women’s’; ‘women’s debating champion’, ‘women’s soccer captain’.

And, while the programmers were able to fix that particular issue, there was no way to ensure it wouldn’t find a different way of showing a preference for male applicants.

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