Google shares fall; tech giant complies with EU ruling

Google shares are lower Wednesday, as the US tech giant has made changes to its Android services policies to comply with an EU ruling made in July.

Google shares fall; tech giant complies with EU ruling

Google shares are lower Wednesday, after the tech giant announced it would make some changes to its Android services bundles, in order to comply with an EU ruling made in July. Now, Android device makers can have some of Google’s internet services pre-installed on those devices, without others.

However, the internet search firm said that this change would lead to a new licensing charge, where previously there wasn’t one.

By 1555 BST, Google shares were 1.16% lower at $1,119.97. The stock has been flat-to-lower in recent weeks.

Google changes Android rules for tech manufacturers

Following the EU ruling that stated Google was reducing competition in the way it sells its services bundles to Android-device-makers, the internet business has made changes to some of its policies, in order to comply with that ruling.

Google said it will now allow manufacturers to include alternative operating system providers on the same device as its Android OS. It is also now possible for device makers to pre-install some of Google’s services, without others.

For example, YouTube and Google maps can now be pre-installed on a tablet or smartphone, without also having the Google search engine or Chrome web browser on there too.

“These new licensing options will come into effect on October 29, 2018, for all new smartphones and tablets launched in the EEA,” Google’s Senior Vice President, Platforms & Ecosystems, Hiroshi Lockheimer said. “We’ll be working closely with our Android partners in the coming weeks and months to transition to the new agreements.”

Google updates shopping insights for marketers

Separately, Google has updated its shopping insights tool to help support retailers and marketers understand even more about their shoppers’ habits.

“A new version of our Shopping Insights tool can help you uncover which products and brands are popular, trending up or down, and how these insights vary by regions in the US,” Google’s Project Lead for Shopping Insights, Aman Govil, wrote in a blog post.

“By tracking this data weekly, marketers can optimize their tactics in season, and respond to changing consumer preferences within different categories,” Govil added.

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