Upcoming ICO: crypto trading made easier with Omega One?

An ICO based on a new trade execution platform for crypto will begin before the end of the year.

Upcoming ICO: crypto trading made easier with Omega One?

Omega One will deliver a cheap, safe means of trading crypto assets, following the huge rise in valuations and trading volumes of cryptocurrencies. Despite the surge, it says there has been no real development in infrastructure of technology but believes now is an optimum time to introduce improvements. 

Liquidity, transparency and security 

Omega One points to three key issues. Firstly, liquidity and the associated difficulty in moving around any meaningful amount of money without a high cost. Security is also in question in off chain systems which are susceptible to hacking and additionally, there is a lack of transparency with few analytics and insights available.


Mark Bakacs Chief Strategy Officer at Omega One says that new ways need to be found to introduce more streamlining of processes in terms of pricing, liquidity and access so that newcomers who are buying into crypto for the first time know that they are putting their money in a safe place.

Omega One acts as an intermediate between members of its platform and exchanges and matches buy and sell orders together, if no matches are available Omega One will buy currencies on a user's behalf. It estimates that trading this way is 80- 90 % cheaper than trading directly on the markets.

ICO details

The fundraising goal is 55,300,000 USD with 25% of tokens for sale. The token price is 1 OMX = 2.05 USD (0.1000000 ETH). For more information on Omega One visit the website. A notification from Omega One states: “Our token sale is postponed until after the launch of our product in mid-2018. Details surrounding that sale will be released closer to that time.”

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