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  • Weekly Forex Market Preview

    Contributed story Markets last week experienced relatively quiet trading for the most part with the US Dollar being mixed in the run up to the Fed’s main event this week. read » October 2014
  • End Of EUR/USD Upside Correction

    Contributed story Positive German economic figures boost euro but with indications of recession in the eurozone, the rise is likely to be short lived read » October 2014

    Contributed story Keep an eye on today's figures, as they will be key determinants of the euro's trend up until year end. read » October 2014
  • A Highly Volatile Forex Market

    Contributed story Today is filled with major economic releases, that are supposed to cause high volatility in the market,thus, creating a number of opportunities for forex traders. read » October 2014
  • The EUR vs. USD Temporarily Bullish

    Contributed story The euro continues to show some bullish signs as it trades above 1.28. Although, economic figures did not reveal anything new about the current economic situation. read » October 2014
  • Forex Weekly Preview for 20th October 2014

    Contributed story The US Dollar entered its second week of declines with the Dollar Index down 0.7%, as a result, the EURUSD closed the week relatively higher. read » October 2014
  • GBP/USD: Will cable resume bullish rally?

    Contributed story While Central bankers in the US and UK were busy preparing for an interest rate hike in 2015, the sudden downturn in the economy along with the continued geo-political threats has changed the landscape read » October 2014
  • EUR/USD:Global Growth Concerns Impact Forex Market

    Contributed story Despite the euro's bearish trend and worsening economic conditions in the eurozone, the EUR/USD managed to rise, after the dollar came under great selling pressure due to worse-than-expected economic figures. read » October 2014
  • EUR/USD About to Test 1.2445

    Contributed story Yesterday's figures reflected a struggling European economy. Will today's economic releases and events continue to weigh down EUR/USD, pushing it to 1.2445? read » October 2014
  • EUR/USD: Germany To Determine Euro's Path

    Contributed story Will this uptrend continue? Or will negative data take EUR/USD back to 1.25? read » October 2014
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