Angelus overtakes Pavie: Parker’s verticals

Rescore adds one more ‘perfect’ vintage

Angelus overtakes Pavie: Parker’s verticals

Robert Parker’s highly anticipated mini-verticals of Pavie and Angelus were released with last week’s Wine Advocate, revealing a downturn in Pavie’s scores, whereas Angelus received an overall upgrade.

Parker reviewed a number of wines from the two estates’ more popular vintages of the past couple of decades, namely Pavie 1998 through 2010, with the exception of 2007 vintage, and a set of Angelus starting 1989 through 2010.

Notably, the updated Pavie wines’ previous average score was 96.92, while the new score is 96.25, with a total of one upgrade and six downgrades. Angelus, on the other hand, saw its average score over the reviewed vintages raised to 96.75 from 96.58, on the back of six upgrades and three downgrades.

The biggest winner of Parker’s rescore was Pavie 2010, which climbed from 98+ to 100. Pavie 2003 and 1999 were both knocked down three notches to 96 and 92, respectively. The esteemed 2005s both maintained their perfect 100/100 scores.

As we noted last week, both wines are extremely sought-after, with Liv-ex logging Angelus as the 11th most popular wine on its platform for the first half of the year, as compared to 18th for the same period last year. Pavie dropped one spot to 15th.

The average price for a 12-bottle case of Pavie is £2,105, with a case of Angelus costing £2,341. However, given that Pavie has a higher average score across vintages, “it represents, in theory, better value”, Liv-ex reported.

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