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CryptoGo is a new platform that emerged in 2017 and brings an impressively easy buying process to those interested in getting involved in the cryptocurrency world and buying digital coins. Also worth noting is that the services it provides have just debuted for the American marketplace, which is quite a feat on its own. Following, you will find a comprehensive review of CryptoGo, alongside important details including fees, security features and more.

About CryptoGo

CryptoGo acts more like an exchange medium between top-notch cryptocurrency exchanges and users, rather than an exchange per se. This peculiarity of CryptoGo allows it to offer users an impressive range of digital coins to purchase while also making it super easy to make deposits via various payment methods (i.e. Neteller or PayPal), including bank transfers using credit/debit card or fiat currency.

CryptoGo About Us

That aside, CryptoGo also has a large community of passionate analysts, traders, and brokers who happily share their expertise on cryptocoins and blockchain technology and, of course, invest in the platform.

How Does it Work?

CryptoGo will act as an intermediary and buy any digital currency you wish to acquire for you, as long as you have a dedicated offline or online wallet (even a hardware one) to store the desired coin or ICO that you wish to purchase. This means that you won’t need to familiarise yourself with the particular coin’s features or signup at the platform that offers the coin in question. With only one account at CryptoGo, you also bypass the need to make multiple accounts on various websites to purchase different crypto assets. In fact, you can buy more than one crypto coins within minutes and get the coins accredited to your account almost instantly due to high liquidity.


Let’s suppose that you want to buy ARK because you feel that the project will experience a significant increase in value shortly, considering its current development progress. On most cryptocurrency exchanges, ARK trades only with either Bitcoin or Ethereum. But, unfortunately, you have neither of them or lack in-depth knowledge how to acquire them. How do you get your ARK coins when you don’t want to wait for a week or so to deal with Coinbase and given that you cannot use USD to buy ARK either? This is where CryptoGo enters the equation and buys the desired coin for you, in a fast and efficient fashion.


The same scenario if you want to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, know how to do this in theory, but want someone else to take on the process of purchasing the coins because you want to eliminate the risk of losing your coins by doing something wrong (i.e. send them to the wrong address), or just don’t want to devote time in learning all about buying the popular digital coins.

The even better news is that you always know exactly what you will pay for before going through with the transaction as CryptoGo fees are built into the transaction itself.

Using CryptoGo

The unique platform has several advantages over traditional cryptocurrency exchanges. Below, is a breakdown of the pros and cons of using CryptoGo.


  • Accepts all fiat currency.
  • Assigns a personal account manager to every user – Upon signup, users can expect expert guidance 24/7.
  • Offers global website access (no compliance issues) - However, as per usual, operations are not available in the USA.
  • Minimum trade amount of $1.
  • Users can sell back to the exchange.
  • No deposit limits - You may deposit as much as $100,000 and buy crypto coins worth that amount without undergoing a hard-verification.
  • Low fees.
  • Website provides in-depth information about their mission and operations.
  • Liquidity reserves of digital coins – CryptoGo has joined hands with several exchanges.
  • Ratings – The platform offers reviews to ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) and crypto assets for a better understanding of the coin or asset of interest. A feature not available elsewhere.
  • Easy-to-use, simple interface.
  • Hassle-free environment with easy web-design and simple screens.
  • Fast and easy verification process – Your account manager will approve the documents you send within the hour.
  • Several methods to purchase crypto assets.



Below are some obstacles to using CryptoGo, along with some comments made by the platform’s founders in reply to the cons listed below:

  • No wallet to store digital assets – You may choose the wallet of your likings, though, depending on your security preferences.
  • Unclear fees – The price is inclusive of the charges. It is advised to contact your account manager to help you understand the pricing structure.
  • No mobile app services – Given that the platform is still new, we expect it to offer a mobile app service soon for those on the go a lot.
  • No demo-account – This is unnecessary as the platform assigns a personal account manager per user, who takes the user by the hand and guides him/her.  

Other details about CryptoGo:

  • Supported Cryptocurrencies - Every single digital coin is supported by CryptoGo.
  • Advanced cryptographically secure mechanisms – CryptoGo does not store crypto assets on its platform, which is a one-of-a-kind feature. Instead, the coins and ICOs are stored in users’ wallets. This protects users in case the platform gets hacked.
  • The platform takes USD – CryptoGo has integrated with the major and the majority of the minor exchanges and has portions of liquid digital coins. This means that even if you are using USD, your order will still be completed fast.

How to Sign up with CryptoGo?

The only thing you need to do is make an order. Here is how:

  1. Click on “Sign up” (on the right).
  2. Type in the information requested (just basic details - your name and email address, alongside a contact number).
  3. In the purchase page (you will be automatically redirected there after completing step #2), choose the currency you wish to use.
  4. Select the amount of money you want to spend on the selected digital currency.
  5. Choose the payment method of your liking.
  6. Enter your card details (if you have chosen credit card as payment method). For bank transfer, a confirmation page will explain the steps you need to take next.
  7. Finish the verification process (see below).

Once you are done with verifying your account, you will have the new coins in the wallet address you have provided in no more than 2 hours.

Verification Process

Your account manager will contact you and require verification. This includes proof of address (not older than 3 months) and a copy of your driving license or passport. Provided that CryptoGo does not offer an on-site wallet, you will also need to give a wallet address (where you would like your crypto coins to be sent). If you don’t have a digital wallet already, don’t worry - your account manager will talk you through opening one.

Note: The support team at CryptoGo can help you choose a safe wallet (software that stores the codes linked to your unique transactions and coins) that is made for the coin you wish to buy. They can be reached via a chat window on the website, by phone or email. All issues are solved within 24 hours, on a priority basis. Or, you may ask your account manager for help or even do your own research and see what fits your needs and requirements the best.

Ordering Coins with CryptoGo

You may order literally any cryptocurrency, both popular and less known coins as CryptoGo can buy almost any currency that is exchanged online. There are only two rare situations when CryptoGo may not please you:

  1. A new coin has emerged, and there is no wallet to store it – In this case, you will have to store it on the exchange you purchased it from.
  2. You want to buy ICO coins – There is no standardised rule as per who can purchase (and how) a new coin. Wait until the coin hits the exchange and then ask CryptoGo to help you buy it.

CryptoGo Fees

It is widely known that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all way to purchase virtual currency, given that some coins are available in several exchanges whereas others are only available on a single small exchange. Therefore, fees (including commission fees) vary significantly among exchanges, which has a direct impact on CryptoGo fees. But, this is where your account manager steps in (or the friendly and helpful support team) and provide you with the answers you seek. Just ask them how much a specific virtual coin costs and they will give you a CryptoGo fees quote.

Cryptogo fees

As for the extremely rare case when the desired coin is not available through exchanges in your country, CryptoGo can still complete your order with another exchange abroad – it will probably cost you a bit more, though. But, overall, chances are you will find CryptoGo’s prices cheaper than the industry standard.

Bear in mind the following:

  • The higher the volume you trade, the lower the fee charged.
  • Market volatility plays a vital role in determining the final cost of a transaction. As soon as a price is agreed, you will need to wait a specified amount of time for the transfer of funds to take place. If, during that time the market moves dramatically, the price can change.

Crypto-Buying Problems CryptoGo Solves

Most of the times, if you want to buy, say, Bitcoin via a popular cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase, you will first need to link your bank account, and then patiently wait for your trade limit to increase until it reaches the desired amount. After that, you will have to endure some more waiting for the coins to be sent to your Coinbase wallet. This is a time-consuming process that could even stretch to more than a week and put an obstacle in developing your portfolio.

That aside, the overwhelming influx of users sometimes force bitcoin exchanges to close their doors to new ones for an unknown period of time, which does not allow those looking to get involved with cryptocurrency to enjoy their experience. And, truth be told, without owning bitcoin it is next to impossible to buy something in the digital currency world.

This is where CryptoGo steps in and does all the hard work for you. Instead of testing your patience with the various stages you need to go through so you can eventually create an account and have the purchased coins transferred to a safe wallet, CryptoGo buys the desired coin on your behalf and sends it to your wallet automatically in less than a couple of hours. All you need to do is create a wallet to store the selected coin, send CryptoGo a wire transfer from your bank and then your coins will appear in your wallet. As simple as that.

Is CryptoGo Legit?

Given the scams we often hear about in the cryptocurrency industry; it only makes sense to wonder how legit this new platform is. From our research, it became clear that CryptoGo has no small letters; they are exactly who they claim to be.

CryptoGo personal service

Also, no compliance issues whatsoever, which means that they are indeed available in every country of this world, besides the USA.

Plus, the technology of the platform is stellar. Combined with the advanced security features embedded on their website and the fact that they do not keep any currency on their platform, you can rest assured that your coins will never be hacked through the platform.  

Some Final Thoughts

CryptoGo’s uniqueness is not even close to anything else we have seen on the market up to this very minute. It has access to almost any digital currency and is hugely focused on people that wish to add cryptocurrency in their portfolio even if they have never invested in digital coins before, making buying coins an easy and fast process.

The fact that there is no limit on deposits also gives both first-timers with next to zero experience in finance or trading and savvy investors the freedom to do their thing and enjoy every single step along the way.

Not to mention the fact that the platform eliminates the risk of losing your money due to human error (the platform does everything automatically for you). Provided you have downloaded a secure digital wallet; your assets will always be safe.

Finally, no matter how new the coin you wish to buy, CryptoGo will fetch it for you, despite the confusion of the market, considering that there are more than 1400 tokens trading at the moment and some 5000 about to be launched soon.

Indeed, a simple and convenient way to buy your preferred coin!

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