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  • lack of experience in forex trading is equal to 100% loss

    5.0 reviewed Nov 11 2014, 16:10 GMT
    • 4.0 Pricing
      80% from total
    • 5.0 Value
      100% from total
    • 5.0 Range of Tradable Instruments
      100% from total
    • 4.0 Reliability
      80% from total
    • 5.0 Customer Service
      100% from total
    • 4.0 Value Added Features
      80% from total

    XTB is a very good broker, very serious in what they’re doing and always deliver what they promise. Firstly, customer support is great. Secondly, withdrawal and deposit are made in 24 hours. Thirdly, losing money depends on how you trade – I lost 600 USD on my opening account 3 years ago but I put it down to the lack of knowledge in trading back then. Later I studied more and got experience so I am still with XTB and very happy with their services. They offer wide range of instruments and I like their trading platforms. Good luck in trading

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