How Invezz works

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Invezz’s comparisons help thousands of users each month save money while pursuing their financial goals.

Here’s how we do it.

How does Invezz work?

Invezz works in two ways: educating and comparing. 

We provide information to help users make smarter investment decisions, and then compare the different products and services available to them. Our content includes:

  • Breaking investment news. We help users keep up to date with the markets by reporting any major news as it comes in.
  • Live market data. If you want to find out how markets around the world are performing right now, you’ll find what you need on Invezz.
  • Educational courses. Our range of courses are freely available to any users who wish to learn more about specific investment and trading topics.
  • How-to guides. The guides on Invezz will take you through any financial process you’re confused about, step-by-step.
  • Product and service reviews. To help you make better informed decisions when investing your money, we publish in-depth reviews including easy-to-navigate comparison tables.

Through Invezz’s content, we aim to educate our users about the options available to them and make sure they’re making the best possible moves with their money.

As a separate party to the platforms we review, we’re not able to take responsibility for the information displayed on their sites, nor can we make any guarantees about the services they provide.

How we make money

Similarly to other comparison websites, Invezz generates revenue by partnering with platforms that offer financial services to users. 

If you follow one of the links or buttons on Invezz to another platform, they will register that you came from our website and pay us a commission. This is done through placing ‘affiliate links’ across the website. These allow our partners to track which of their users have come from Invezz.

What this means is that it doesn’t cost you a penny to use Invezz. In fact, you’re able to get a better deal using our comparisons, and the platform offering the deal pays for your custom without passing any costs on to you.

In addition to using affiliate links, we also allow partners to pay for advertising space on the website, negotiate placement in comparison tables, and to feature in content across the site.

Can Invezz give me investment advice?

No, we don’t offer investment advice in the same way a financial advisor or wealth manager would. What we do is provide you with the information you need to make smarter decisions with your money, and partner with a variety of platforms who can help you invest wisely.

The reviews, articles, and comparisons available on Invezz can help you decide how and where you want to invest, but if you are still uncertain then you might want to consider contacting a financial advisor.

Who we work with

Invezz works with a range of different partners in the online finance space. This includes media syndication partners, technical partners, and advertising partners. 

More information can be found on both our advertising and partnerships pages. Our current partners include such industry giants as eToro, Plus500, Coinbase, Binance, and AvaTrade.

How does Invezz use my data?

Invezz doesn’t harvest or sell user data.

The only form of data we collect is in the form of email addresses when users sign up for our mailing list. These addresses are used solely to send newsletters and alerts as agreed to by each user.

Does Invezz use cookies?

We do use cookies in order to tailor the user experience. These are used to tell which country our users are accessing the site from, and what sort of device they’re on.

We do this to ensure that content is displayed in the correct language and formatted correctly. You can find the details of what cookies we use by reading our privacy policy.

Need to know more?

If you still have questions about how Invezz works, then please get in touch with us today by visiting our contact page.

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