Richard Stutely

Fact Checker & Economist
London, UK
Education & qualifications:
  • Member of the London International Stock Exchange
  • Member of the Institute of Directors (MinstD)
  • BSc (econ), Economics, University of London
Knows about:
Banking, finance, economics, business development, data analytics, fintech, technology
Richard is a Fact Checker for Invezz who ensures all our reviews and guides are accurate and unbiased. He is a best-selling international business author whose career in finance spans multiple decades and countries, from the UK, to the Middle East, to Asia, with a little attention to the USA along the way. Richard has worked in both the public and private sector throughout his long career. At HM Treasury, he briefed the Prime Minister's office on domestic and global financial developments and was involved in the UK's first bond issue in the USA. He subsequently went on to work in the private sector, as an investment banker with stockbrokers acquired by Shearson Lehman American Express and Chase and then as Chief Economist at Burgan Bank. He has written five bestselling books that have been published in over a dozen languages, including The Definitive Business Plan, The Definitive Guide to Business Finance, and the Economist Guide to Economic Indicators. He has written for the Economist, The Banker, Director, Accountancy, Asian Finance, and many respected academic journals.
Richard loves life, especially when it involves browsing in bookshops or traveling in the vibrant and varied countries of Asia. He is fascinated by the emergence of humankind, our history and future, and linguistics. He has a couple more books he will write “one day.”

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