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Stocks, bonds, and cash are pillars of the investing world. Alternative investments represent every other form of investment, including precious metals, exchange-traded funds, real estate, crowdfunding, fine wine, art and much more. Our alternative investing courses have been designed to help you navigate the complexities of these markets.

Our best beginner courses

If your investing experience consists entirely of stocks and bonds, we’re here to help. Our beginner courses will teach you the basics of alternative investing, so you’ll be better prepared to take on a new challenge.

Quick, bite-sized reading

Your time is valuable. Speed up your learning process by checking out our quicker reads. Learn the ins and outs of alternative investing, without investing too much of your precious time.

All alternative courses

Keen to get a handle on alternative investing? We’ve got you covered. Want to learn more advanced alternative investing techniques? Check out our guides and fast-track your journey towards becoming a clued up investor.

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