Tron 101

Tron (TRX) has been one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in recent years. Take this beginner-friendly course to understand how Tron works and why it has been so successful.
By: Harry Atkins
Harry Atkins
Harry joined us in 2019, drawing on more than a decade writing, editing and managing high-profile content for blue… read more.
Updated: Jan 20, 2022
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4 Lessons
18 mins

What you'll learn

  • Who founded Tron
  • What the aim of the Tron network is
  • How Tron uses blockchain technology

Key course lessons

What is Tron?

Before investing in tron, it’s important to understand it. That’s why we’ve created this plain-speaking guide to inform you on whether tron is a sound investment choice. This guide lays out the basics: What Tron is and the various ways you can use it.

Make better choices with tron.

Course overview

1. What is Tron

Beginner 4 mins Cryptocurrency Courses

2. How tron works

3. How to buy and store tron

4. Ways tron can be used

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