How to use and spend Tron

How to use and spend Tron

The growing popularity of crypto means there are now many places you can pay for products and services with Tron. This page lets you know where you can spend your TRX.
Updated: Jan 31, 2022
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I. 4a – What is tron used for?

Tron cryptocurrency tokens can be used for almost anything for which you’d usually use ‘regular’ currency for. To give examples, Australians today can pay their household bills using tron, you can exchange your tron tokens for faster download speed privileges on BitTorrrent, and send remittance payments using your tron. Tron is particularly suited to the latter of these because it can be transferred anywhere in the world instantly with no conversion fees.

What we’re going to do next is run you through how you can spend your tron in real shops, both online and offline.

II. 4b – Who accepts tron?

If you want to spend your tron, this is the most important question. Transactions with tron can only be completed with shops/individuals that accept it as a payment option and have a wallet address to receive tron. If this is the case, spending your tron usually involves the simple process of scanning a QR code generated by the shop’s wallet and inputting the amount of tron you wish to send.

If a shop or online platform accepts tron, it will be listed in their payment options. Because tron is such a new cryptocurrency, it’s not often that you’ll find shops that currently accept tron as a payment method. However, this may change as the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to increase, as is the case with larger cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ether (the cryptocurrency used on the Ethereum blockchain). We’ll always keep you updated with new places that allow you to shop with your tron.

III. 4c – Where can I go to learn more?

Congratulations! You have completed our crash-course on Tron. Further information on everything we have discussed here can be found across Invezz. If you have any questions to which you can’t find an answer, then we’re always available via live chat to handle any queries.

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