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Stock Markets 101

Ready to take your first plunge into the stock market? Start here and understand the basics. This guide covers terminology, what a stock is and what the stock market is, investment psychology, and how you can make your first investment.

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30 Lessons
30th November 2019
Updated: 9th September 2020
Key course lessons
  • Understanding Stocks and the Stock Market: Teaches you basic stock market terminology, as well as how stocks and the stock market operate.
  • What Type of Investor Are You: Your approach should be very different if you’re an aggressive expert investor looking for big gains, as opposed to a cautious beginner investor just learning the ropes.
  • What Is a Bull/Bear Market: The condition of the stock market as a whole will heavily influence how individual stocks behave, so learning all about bull and bear markets is crucial.
  • Technical Analysis vs. Fundamental Analysis: Investors buy stocks either by learning how to read stock charts, by analysing key signs of fundamental strength such as earnings growth and revenue growth, or a combination of the two.
Main course takeaways
  • Establish your own budget for stock investing, based on your level of disposable income, the type of investor or trader you want to be, and other factors
  • Figure out your tolerance for risk, based on your level of experience, your budget, and other factors
  • Choose a stockbroker that works for you, based on an analysis of transaction costs, platform ease of use, reputation, and other factors
  • Assess whether the stock market is currently ripe for buying, or if it’s too volatile to wade in
  • Place buy orders for stocks, be they market orders, limit orders, or stop-loss orders
  • Build sound strategies for investing so you can pick the best stocks and buy at the right time

More about this course

Are you tired of investment courses that use too much insider jargon, trying to sound clever rather than actually educating investors on how to succeed in the stock market? We’ve got the solution for you!

At Invezz, we are proud to launch our FREE stock market education series with Stock Markets 101, an immersive but also accessible course that covers all the basics of stock investing. We use easy-to-understand language and important details to bring you up to speed on how to jump into stock investing. These bite-sized lessons will help you understand the meaning and importance of key concepts, not only of the stock market but also of your own approach.


There are no major prerequisites required to dive in, because the Stock Markets 101 course (and the lessons therein) is catered to beginners. You can come into this course knowing very little about the market and still grow to understand important stock market terminology, concepts, and goals.

Course overview

Introduction: The Basics

Understanding Stocks and the Stock Market

How to Choose a Stockbroker

How Do People Make Money on the Stock Market?

How Can I Start Trading on the Stock Market?

The Basics of an IPO

Why Prices Rise and Fall in the Stock Market

What Are Capital Markets

Understanding Stock Market Volatility
5 mins

Investment Psychology

Understand What Type of Investor You Are

Psychological Mistakes to Avoid

Types of Investments

Options Contracts

Futures Contracts

Contract For Difference (CFD)

Buying Physical Stock

Stocks & The Stock Market

Understanding Market and Limit Orders

Understanding Bid and Ask prices

Understanding Stop-Loss Orders

Financial Intermediaries in Stock Investing

Understanding Investment Securities

What Is A Stock Index?

The Different Stock Exchanges and Stock Indexes


Overview of Stockbrokers

Trade Execution Options Available to Brokers

The Risk of a Stockbroker Closing

By Harry Atkins
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