We'll put your graduate cap in the post. Well done on mastering the basics of investment! We hope you enjoyed our course. Now, it's time for the next one.
Updated: Jan 21, 2022
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I. Congratulations!

You’ve now mastered all of the key introductory concepts in stock investing. You understand how the stock market operates. You get what different brokerage platforms look like. You can grasp why the prices of stocks rise and fall. You’re now hip to the many different methods you can use to trade stocks, the psychological pitfalls to watch for as you jump in, and many other key ideas that will guide you on your stock investing journey.

Anyone can master stock investing – it just takes research and patience. After reading our Stock Markets 101 course, you’re well on your way.

II. So, what’s next?

Your best course of action is to continue onto our next course on Stock Investing. There, you’ll find next-level stock market tips on how to perform fundamental and technical analysis on individual stocks, and much more.

Not feeling ready yet? Going back to review the lessons you learned in Stock Markets 101 can help solidify them in your mind, putting you on firmer ground for when you’re ready to invest.

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