1st September, 10:14
Updated: 29th October, 16:59


Anyone can master stock investing – it just takes research and patience. After reading our Stock Types course, you now understand all the different stock types and have a better feel for the ones that could work for your specific investing goals. 

So what’s next?

We recommend checking out some of our other educational courses, such as Stock Markets 101 and Stock Investing in order to expand on your knowledge. Through these courses you’ll learn lots of stock market tips on how to perform fundamental and technical analysis on individual stocks, and how you can make money when market conditions are working in your favour. 

Not feeling ready for new lessons yet, or just want to consolidate what you’ve learned? You can easily review the lessons you learned in our Stock Types course by clicking back through them. This way you’ll feel more confident when you’re ready to invest, and will be fully prepared to try the other courses available on Invezz.

By Jonah Keri
Jonah Keri is a trader and analyst who spent 11 years at Investor's Business Daily covering the markets. He now writes about stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other investments for Invezz and about emerging technologies for private clients.
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