How & where to buy Aeternity (AE) online

Aeternity is a project that is all about eliminating efficiencies in the crypto market, and AE is the native token that allows the platform to function. In this guide, find out where to buy AE coins.
Updated: May 11, 2023

This page covers everything you need to know before you invest in Aeternity – an emerging cryptocurrency project. We go through the steps you need to take to purchase or trade AE tokens, and we explain the pros and cons of doing so. Read on to get things moving.

What are the best exchanges to buy Aeternity on?

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To jump the queue and get tokens right now, check out the selection of platforms we have listed below. Right now, they are the best places to buy Aeternity tokens online. If you aren’t ready to jump in with both feet just yet, scroll down to learn more about the project and its investment credentials first.

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How to buy Aeternity online – a step-by-step guide

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Step 1. Find an exchange

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The easiest way to purchase most cryptocurrencies is through a cryptocurrency exchange: this is like a giant marketplace where you can purchase and sell coins from other users. However, right now, Aeternity is quite an obscure project, and as a result, few exchanges support it beyond TOKOK, OKEx, Hotbit, MEXC and Huobi Global. If you want to use any of these platforms, you’ll need some Bitcoin to fund your account. Here are the best places to get some with low fees:

  • Binance: Binance is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange based on trading volume. Its easy-to-use interface and helpful features are just two of the reasons for this. Open a Binance account now >
  • Bittrex: If you want the best of both worlds – ease of use and high-level analytical tools – Bittrex is the right exchange for you to get some Bitcoin. Get a Bittrex account today >

Step 2. Sign up and fund your account

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To get any crypto from an exchange, you have to have created an account first. This is simple and involves filling out some basic contact information and submitting a scan of a form of photo ID. Once that process is completed, add funds to your account via a wallet transfer or bank transfer depending on the funds that the exchange accepts.

Step 3. Purchase

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Now you can purchase Aeternity coin. Start by typing in the coin’s ticker, AE, into the search bar – this should be located towards the top of your chosen exchange’s interface. Then, enter the number of coins you want, check you are happy with the market price and fees, and execute the transaction.

Step 4. (Optional) Get a suitable wallet

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If you want to hold onto your coins to speculate on their future value, the safest way to do so is by storing them in a wallet. These come in both hardware and software formats, and they are effective ways of protecting your investment from online attacks and theft. Here are our two favourites:

If trading OKB for short-term returns is your aim, skip ahead to the next section. However, if you want to hold tokens for the long term, storing them in a wallet is a great way to keep them secure. Here are two of the best OKB wallets that you can use:

  • CoolWallet: If you want the best of both worlds – secure hardware storage with simple digital access – CoolWallet could be the right crypto wallet for you. Get a CoolWallet today >
  • Freewallet: Freewallet is one of the most popular wallets on the market, and the sign-up process is simple and fast. Get a Freewallet now >

How to trade Aeternity – step-by-step guide

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Step 1. Find a broker

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If you want to trade any financial asset – including cryptocurrencies – using a broker is the best way to do this. These are fully regulated platforms that allow you to open and close positions instantly to take advantage of market volatility.

However, right now, due to the emerging status of the project, Aeternity is not supported by any crypto brokers. If you want to find out when this changes first, bookmark this page and check back periodically. Otherwise, keep an eye on the upcoming listings on some of the major broker platforms like Robinhood and eToro.

Step 2. Deposit money

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You can’t trade anything unless you have funds in your account. So, once you have chosen a broker and created an account, head over to the ‘deposit’ segment of the interface and select a compatible source. This could be crypto from your wallet, or it could be regular money like GBP, USD or EUR from a bank transfer.

Step 3. Learn how to perform technical analysis

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You can’t generate consistent returns from trading without a working knowledge of technical analysis and an awareness of its importance. Our short-term trading course is a great place to start learning about this process, which essentially involves reading charts to identify patterns and trends that tell the story of the market.

Step 4. Decide whether to go long or short

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When trading a cryptocurrency like Aeternity, you have two main options: going long, and going short. You would go long in positive market conditions when you feel the price of AE will rise, whereas you would go short in bearish conditions when you feel the price of AE will fall. Develop a clear strategy in this regard and combine it with your technical analysis for optimal results.

Step 5. Make the trade

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Now, when you are ready, you can complete your first trade. However, if you’d like to test out some strategies first before putting your own money on the line, most brokers offer a demo account feature. This will give you virtual funds so you can learn how to navigate the market without losing capital.

Should I invest in Aeternity?

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You should invest if you believe in the project’s credentials for long-term growth, or if you think you can read market sentiment and trade it effectively. Aeternity is all about building scalable smart contracts that can allow decentralised apps (dApps) to operate effectively and on a global scale.

One of the things that has hampered the adoption of cryptocurrency by developers and the mainstream is a lack of scalability, and Aeternity aims to solve this via ‘high bandwidth transacting, purely-functional smart contracts, and decentralised oracles.’ Essentially, this boils down to four key areas: State Channels, Consensus, Unique Governance and Blockchain Oracles, and this segmented technology managed to raise $24 million in funding during its 2017 initial coin offering (ICO).

The big headline here is that Aeternity uses a hybrid of proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus, with a variation referred to as the ‘Cuckoo cycle.’ Combined with the use of oracles (a bridge between the blockchain and the real world), this creates a highly secure network that could be primed for success in a new blockchain-focussed age.

Still undecided?

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If you still haven’t made up your mind about Aeternity yet, check out the pros and cons of the project below.


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  • Led by ‘Godfather of Ethereum,’ Yanislav Malahov, and other prominent names in crypto – 6 with PhDs
  • Offers an innovative way for smart contracts to function effectively
  • Use of oracles is unique and makes the network highly secure
  • Much more scalable than some of the largest smart contract projects
  • Hybrid consensus mechanism with a ‘Cuckoo’ twist is smart and innovative


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Now, check out the additional considerations you should make below and decide if you want to invest in Aeternity.

1. Is now a good time to buy Aeternity?

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To answer this question, you first need to think about what type of investor you are. If you are some who likes to purchase assets and hold them for the long term to speculate on their future value, you need to perform fundamental analysis. This will allow you to work out if Aeternity is a project with solid foundations and meaningful potential for growth. Once you have worked out what the project is worth, you can figure out whether the current market price of AE tokens is favourable.

However, if trading for accelerated returns is more of a focus for you, technical analysis will need to be much more of a focus. This process allows you to track the price of AE and make projections about what movements it is likely to make in the near future. Therefore, you can figure out whether it is a good time to make an entry, steer clear, or exit your position.

Regardless of whether you are a long-term holder or a short-term trader, it is key that you educate yourself by reading the latest analysis concerning Aeternity. We have compiled some of our top articles below for your convenience. Simply click on one to check it out:

2. What problem does Aeternity solve, and what are its investment prospects?

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The big problem that Aeternity solves is scalability. With blockchain technology, one of the biggest issues that have prevented is being used by more people is scalability. Some of the most senior projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum are simply unable to function effectively with large numbers of transactions, meaning gas fees are high, the network can be slow, and alternative solutions to problems have to be innovated.

However, there are plenty of other projects that offer solutions when it comes to scalability, and with the rise of things like sharding and oracles, Aeternity is heavily reliant on its community strength and ability to market itself if it wants to stand up to the competition.

Make sure you read the latest news on Aeternity so you can track it progress and see if it is the right project for you to invest in:

3. Do you want to hold Aeternity for the long term?

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There are two ways to gain exposure to the price of Aeternity – investing in it for the long term, or trading it for fast results. Here are the different considerations you should make for each of these strategies.

Considerations for a long term investment strategy

Long-term investors need to find a crypto exchange that is both reliable and secure – this is the best way of getting AE tokens. Then, they should consider whether a wallet will be necessary for them.

Considerations for a short term trading strategy

Traders should focus on locating a low-fee broker that can provide an efficient, high-quality service – this is the best way of trading. Then, you should think about whether you want to go long or short, and you should work your technical analysis into your strategy.

Get started with AE

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