How & where to buy Altura (ALU) online

The Altura platform is a marketplace and interface used to create, buy, and sell smart NFTs for in-game items and digital assets. Learn all about its native token and where to buy it in this beginners guide.
Updated: May 11, 2023

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This page takes a deep dive into the Altura platform and its coin ALU. We explore what you can do with it, where to buy it, and if now is a good time to make a purchase. Continue scrolling to learn more about ALU. 

What are the best exchanges to buy Altura on?

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It’s not possible to buy Altura using fiat currency on an exchange like Binance or Huobi right now. This is quite normal for smaller altcoins, so don’t fret, instead you’ll need to perform a ‘swap’, which is basically the process many crypto investors use to buy lesser-known altcoins.

A ‘swap’ or ‘swapping’ is essentially the same as converting a currency, like going from GBP to EUR. In the case of Altura, you can swap Binance Coin for it, so you need to buy some BNB, then you can use a decentralised exchange to swap that for ALU coin.

Sounds confusing the first time, but it’s no big deal. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to swap BNB for ALU.

How to buy Altura online – a step-by-step guide

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Step 1. Find an exchange and buy BNB

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Sign up for an exchange that lets you buy Binance coin (BNB). We recommend signing up to Binance, as it lets you buy BNB with a fiat currency like GBP. We also recommend Binance because it’s a very easy platform to use and lets you buy plenty of cryptocurrencies.

You need to create an account before you can buy anything, which you can do by providing some contact details and a form of photo ID. Then you need to fund the account via a bank transfer or a card payment.

Step 2. Transfer BNB to a crypto wallet

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Once you have bought BNB, you need to move your money from the exchange into a crypto wallet. A wallet is like a bank account and the best one to use is MetaMask, which you can manage through an extension on Google Chrome.

Each wallet has a unique address on the blockchain, which is like its version of a bank account number. You need to enter the address when you withdraw money from your exchange account. The highlighted area below shows where you can find your wallet address on MetaMask.

metamask address

Step 3. Go to PancakeSwap and connect your wallet

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Go to the PancakeSwap website and choose the ‘connect wallet’ option. Choose MetaMask (or your chosen wallet) from the list of available options. Then you can access the money in your wallet and swap it for other cryptocurrencies on PancakeSwap.

pancakeswap wallet

Step 4. Swap BNB for ALU coins

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On the trading screen, go to the first drop-down and choose BNB from the list of available options. Then choose ALU from the second drop-down. Enter how much BNB you want to spend and the system will show you how many ALU coins you can swap it for. Then execute your trade.

And that’s it. The swapping process is a little odd the first time, but once you’ve done it a couple of times you’ll realise its a big part of owning cryptocurrency and everyone involved in altcoins does this regularly. If you’re ready to get started, the first step is to sign up to Binance.

How to trade Altura

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Trading Altura is a very similar process to buying and selling. An exchange like PancakeSwap is the only way to buy it, and you can’t use a traditional crypto broker, as you would for more mainstream coins.

Here is a short guide that explains how to trade Altura.

Step 1. Find a broker

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To trade cryptocurrencies you normally need to register with an online broker. In this case, that isn’t possible and you can only use PancakeSwap or another decentralised exchange.

This is normal for smaller altcoins, which haven’t become popular enough yet to be made available on a platform like eToro. That means the process of buying and selling is exactly the same as in the buy guide above.

Step 2. Learn how to perform technical analysis

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To make the most of trading it’s helpful  to learn how to perform technical analysis. With technical analysis you can learn how to read a price chart using lots of different methods. A couple of the top ways to analyse the market is looking at support and resistance levels, or using technical indicators. 

Step 3. Start trading

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Now you’re ready to make a trade. This is a simple process but there’s a few things you need to make sure you get right, as mistakes at this stage could be costly. First decide how many coins you want to buy or sell. Next you can place a stop loss to protect your trade. Finally, place your trade with your brokers platform and keep monitoring the market to keep track of things.

Should I invest in Altura?

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That depends on if you think more developers are going to want to use the platform to build smart NFTs for in-game items. Altura already has partnerships with some game developers, although for it to grow, more need to come on board. Its marketplace is where game NFTs are bought and sold and more transactions will drive the price of ALU up. 

Before you make a decision you should also consider competitors in the same space and if Altura is better positioned to succeed them. Some larger game developers who have access to readily available financing may decide to offer their own platforms, which could slow any growth prospects Altura has. 

However, Altura’s platform is focused on the gaming industry and more specifically in-game items which in recent times have grown in popularity. The ability to own a smart NFT gaming item will likely be a draw for many gamers. Unlike traditional NFTs, smart NFTs have properties that can change based on certain conditions, which benefits Alturas uniqueness. 

Still undecided?

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When investing in cryptocurrencies it’s helpful to take your time. If you’re still not sure if you want to invest in Altura we’ve provided a few pros and cons below to help you make your decision.


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  • It offers a simple way for developers to build smart NFTs for in-game items. 
  • Developers and users must use ALU tokens to buy and sell items on Alturas marketplace which could increase their value if it becomes more popular. 
  • Altura allows for cross game items. Developers can utilise items from other games while building on the platform. 


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In the section below we have answered a few more questions in detail to help you choose if you want to invest in Altura. 

1. Is now a good time to buy Altura?

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Altura has a platform that does a lot. It’s focused on the metaverse, digital assets, NFTs, and in game purchases. All of these are expected to grow in popularity in the future so getting some Altura coins now could be a good way to profit in the coming years. Although, one thing to consider is the risks of the metaverse and NFTs being a bubble that may not grow as expected. 

For short term traders you will want to consider a few more things like technical analysis and the wider crypto market. A good place to start is reading ALUs price chart and looking for key information that could help you with your trades. To make things easier for you, our crypto experts have provided analysis on Alturas price chart, which you can read below.

2. What problem does Altura solve, and what are its investment prospects?

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It makes it easy for developers to build smart NFTs representing in-game items. Its platform allows developers and gamers to buy, sell, and trade items on its marketplace. Smart NFTs are regular NFTs with more advanced features. A smart NFT has the ability to change its properties when certain conditions are met. 

A gamer who buys a regular NFT item will own the item as it is sold. Altura offers smart NFTs meaning a gamer could buy an item that can change over time. For example, they could buy a videogame sword which gets stronger each time it’s used to slay a monster. As the sword gets stronger, its value increases, commanding a higher number of ALU coins. 

A lot of developers who are already using Alturas interface for creating smart NFTs operate in the metaverse. The metaverse is anticipated to grow exponentially in coming years, so owning ALU coins is a good way to ride the upcoming trend. Keeping up with the latest news for Altura is a one way to keep on track and you can check out the links below for the latest developments.

3. Do you want to hold Altura for the long term?

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If you think that Altura will grow its user base and in-game purchases will continue to grow then it’s a good idea to hold ALU coins for the long term. If you have a preference for short term trading, then you may take a different approach. Below are a couple of final considerations to help you make your decision. 

Considerations for a long term investment strategy

If you plan on holding ALU coins for the long term you will need to register with an exchange. There are lots of exchanges around and choosing the best one is a top priority. Check out our exchange recommendations further up the page. 

Considerations for a short term trading strategy

For short term traders you will need to find a broker. One thing to consider is a broker’s trading fees and commissions, especially if you plan to trade a lot. Brushing up on your technical analysis will also be beneficial.

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