Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

The price of Bitcoin Gold is $15.29, a -1.15% change over the last 7 days. Learn more about Bitcoin Gold’s price history, how it works, and how to invest.

Updated: May 17, 2023
Historical Data
Price Statistics
Bitcoin Gold price today
24h Change $0.14
24h Low $14.76
24h High $15.30
Market Cap $267.86M
Trading Volume (24h) $1.93M
Market Dominance 0%
Market Rank #145
Circulating Supply 17.51M
Max Supply 21M

Bitcoin Gold markets

Spot Derivatives OTC
# Source Pairs Price +2% Depth -2% Depth Volume Updated
Bithumb Bithumb
BTG/KRW $15.90 $4,483.72 $80,439.97 498,603 Recently
Bitfinex Bitfinex
BTG/USD $12.71 $190.92 $115,983.53 46,699 Recently
Bitfinex Bitfinex
BTG/BTC $12.03 $284.17 $75.67 690 Recently
Gate.io Gate.io
BTG/USDT $15.30 $565.79 $14,518.27 16,195 Recently
Gate.io Gate.io
BTG/BTC $15.21 $6,178.67 $6,729.19 19,766 Recently
Bybit Bybit
BTG/USDT $15.25 $1,971.46 $1,742.51 13,927 Recently
ProBit Global ProBit Global
BTG/USDT $13.50 $0 $0 2,118 Recently
Coinone Coinone
BTG/KRW $15.75 $0 $0 1,185 Recently
BTG/USD $13.00 $1.49 $359.37 159,397 Recently
BTG/BTC $13.06 $19.29 $401.14 237,717 Recently
No data found
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About Bitcoin Gold

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What is the Bitcoin Gold price today?

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The BTG price is currently $15.29. The price of Bitcoin Gold is +6.24% over the last 30 days. You can use the live Bitcoin Gold chart to track the BTG/USD price in real time above, or compare the Bitcoin Gold value today to its past performance using the Bitcoin Gold price history tab at the top of this page.

What is the total supply of BTG?

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The circulating supply is 17,513,923.59 BTG, out of a total maximum supply of 21,000,000.00 BTG.

What is the price prediction for Bitcoin Gold?

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The average Bitcoin Gold price prediction values the coin at $52.5 by the end of 2023. Things like the economic climate, establishment support and acceptance, and the crypto market as a whole can all have an impact on the price.

It’s best to take predictions with a grain of salt but you can use expert estimates to help you understand the weight of opinion about a coin.

What is Bitcoin Gold?

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It is a cryptocurrency that has been around since October 2017, and its market denotation is BTG. In essence, it is a hard fork of Bitcoin, which occurs when a new, evolved version of a blockchain no longer accepts the older version of the blockchain.

The original purpose of Bitcoin Gold was to decentralise the mining process. While this seems at odds with Bitcoin’s already decentralised status, the BTG developers felt that Bitcoin’s proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm favoured major mining operations, preventing regular individuals from profitably engaging in the mining process.

As a result, Bitcoin Gold uses a tweaked version of Bitcoin’s consensus algorithm, which is called Equihash-BTG. In theory, this helps level the mining playing field.

While BTG has experienced its fair share of controversy following major hacking events such as a 51% hashing attack in May 2018, the coin now has a relatively strong reputation and has secured its spot as one of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation.

How does Bitcoin Gold work?

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It works in much the same way as Bitcoin. It is a form of decentralised currency that records transactions on a blockchain, which is effectively a digital ledger. Bitcoin Gold doesn’t need to be manually governed by a central presiding authority like a bank.

Instead, its algorithm allows transactions to be facilitated automatically, while also ensuring the anonymity of both payment senders and recipients.

How is the Bitcoin Gold network secured?

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The network is secured by the blockchain that it runs on. BTG miners validate each transaction by using high-powered computer rigs to solve complex computational math problems, which allows transactions to be validated. Miners receive BTG for their efforts.

What is Bitcoin Gold used for?

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Bitcoin Gold has many of the same uses as Bitcoin and is primarily used as a store of value. It can be used as a means of exchange to make purchases, payments, and fund transfers. BTG can also be used as an asset for short term speculation. 

Why does BTG have value?

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Bitcoin Gold is valuable for many reasons. Much of its value comes from its scarcity. Just like Bitcoin, there is a limited supply of BTG and there are only 21 million coins. As time passes, fewer coins will be available, increasing their value. 

Who created Bitcoin Gold?

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Jack Liao, CEO of LightningASIC, a Hong Kong based mining hardware manufacturer, created Bitcoin Gold. Bitcoin Gold was launched in 2017 following concerns about the centralisation of mining power in the Bitcoin network. 

Where can I buy Bitcoin Gold?

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You can buy Bitcoin Gold on a crypto exchange. An exchange is a marketplace that allows you to sign up, deposit your money, and buy some crypto, just as you would with a stock platform.

Most cryptocurrency brokers allow you to keep the coins you buy in your account. However, you may want to sign up for a dedicated crypto wallet for some extra security.

Are there any other ways to invest in Bitcoin Gold?

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The simplest way to invest in Bitcoin Gold is to buy it outright. However, another option is to simply open a crypto account. Crypto accounts are like regular bank accounts and allow you to store a variety of currencies, send and receive payments, earn interest on savings, and spend freely with a credit card.

You can also invest in crypto more generally through a crypto ETF or a crypto fund. These are financial instruments that give you exposure to a group of leading cryptocurrencies, more suited to high net worth individuals.

Are there any Bitcoin Gold alternatives?

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Bitcoin Gold is a fork of the Bitcoin network and there are lots of different projects available all trying to improve the original BTC platform. Here’s a quick look at a few Bitcoin Gold alternatives.  

  • Bitcoin SV. Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) provides a scalable blockchain platform. 
  • Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. 
  • Ravencoin. Ravencoin is designed to make transferring assets from one person to another easy. 

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