How to buy Bitcoin with Cash in 2022

Using cash is the perfect way to maintain your anonymity online. This guide explains how you can get hold of Bitcoin that way, and how to compare the platforms that offer it as an option.
Updated: Jan 28, 2022
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There are a variety of different services that allow you to swap cash for Bitcoin. This guide will explain your options, and examine the pros and cons of making an investment this way.

Where can you buy Bitcoin with cash?

We’ve assembled a list of the best services that accept cash and will make the process as quick, simple, and inexpensive as possible.

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What does it mean to buy Bitcoin with cash?

Unlike with a bank transfer where funds are sent electronically, when we talk about using cash to get Bitcoin we are referring to physical cash – the kind you can hold in your hand. The primary reason that someone might opt to use this method is to ensure anonymity and privacy.

How to deposit and withdraw via cash


If you’re using an exchange that accepts cash payments, like BitQuick, you can follow these steps:

  1. The seller places their Bitcoin into escrow.
  2. The buyer deposits their cash to make the purchase.
  3. To make that deposit, the buyer must go to the seller’s bank to deposit the cash.
  4. The buyer must then upload the bank receipt to confirm that the deposit has been made.
  5. The seller transfers the coins.


If you’re making a withdrawal via an exchange like BitQuick, the process is simply reversed, with the withdrawal still taking place at the bank.

What should I look for in a cash Bitcoin service?

Cash purchases are not done through brokers. Instead, they’re done through exchanges, intermediaries, or Bitcoin ATMs. Therefore, what you need to look for will vary. Broadly speaking, though, here’s what you should consider.

  • Lowest possible fees. If low fees are a key goal, you’ll want to avoid Bitcoin ATMs, which can charge fees of up to 10%.
  • Speed. The plus side of Bitcoin ATMs is the speed with which you can withdraw your Bitcoin. On the other hand, intermediaries like LocalBitcoins and WallofCoins and exchanges like BitQuick require some matchmaking and transaction processing procedures that make the process take longer.
  • Ease of use. Bitcoin ATMs are the easiest to use, but they’re not always easy to find and they’re expensive.
  • High limits. Any cash Bitcoin service is going to limit the size purchase you can make. If you’re looking for a larger transaction, you’ll need to do your homework to find a service that provides a relatively high transaction limit.
  • Not getting scammed. The anonymity and privacy comes with a dark side, which is that certain services put you at greater risk for scams. Make sure the service you use strikes the best possible balance between privacy and security.

Should I buy Bitcoin using cash?


  • Privacy and anonymity. Using hard cash is the most discreet method there is. If you want to remain anonymous, this is the best route for you.
  • Speed. If you can find a Bitcoin ATM near you, it’s much faster than, say, going through the verification process involved with a bank transfer.
  • Easy to do (in some cases). If you can find a Bitcoin ATM, you’ll find that it’s about as easy a method as there is. (On the other hand, exchanges and intermediaries often required complicated processes to match up cash buyers, and sellers.)



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