What can you buy with Bitcoin in 2024

Bitcoin’s adoption has been rapidly growing and it is now possible to spend crypto on a wide range of products and services. This page investigates what you can buy with Bitcoin in 2024.
Updated: Jan 30, 2024

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This guide explains what you can buy with Bitcoin. We explain how to spend Bitcoin and explore where to purchase the best products and services using crypto. 

How to buy with Bitcoin

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You can buy almost anything with Bitcoin; spending cryptocurrency has never been easier. There are three main ways you can spend Bitcoin online and in-store.

The easiest is to use a Bitcoin debit card or purchase a crypto gift card. You can also spend Bitcoin directly from your crypto wallet. Here’s a closer look at each method of spending Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin debit card

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The easiest way to spend Bitcoin is to use a crypto debit card. A Bitcoin debit card links your Bitcoin wallet to a physical or virtual debit card. These cards work just like a regular debit card connected to a bank account.

Bitcoin debit cards such as Nexo let you pay for goods and services directly from your Bitcoin balance at millions of locations worldwide. 

Bitcoin gift cards

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Bitcoin gift card services allow you to purchase gift cards for hundreds of brands and merchants using Bitcoin. The best crypto gift cards are delivered directly to your email once the Bitcoin payment clears.

Gift cards can be used for a wide range of purchases such as dining, entertainment, gaming, streaming, and more. It is even possible to buy an Amazon gift card with Bitcoin and then spend it on Amazon. 

Bitcoin wallets

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Bitcoin wallets are the most direct way to spend Bitcoin on goods and services. There are several wallet types and the easiest way is to use a crypto wallet app on your phone. You’ll need to find a merchant or retailer that supports cryptocurrency payments. Then all you have to do is make a transfer from your wallet, to the merchants. 

What can you buy with Bitcoin? 8 ways to spend Bitcoin in 2024

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Thanks to Bitcoin debit cards, it is possible to buy almost anything with Bitcoin. From real estate to cars, and groceries to games, spending Bitcoin online in 2024 has never been easier. Here are 8 ways to spend Bitcoin this year. 


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Many car dealerships now accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. In 2020 Tesla became the biggest name in the automotive industry to start accepting Bitcoin payments, but later suspended the idea. 

However, you can still buy a range of vehicles from high-end Lamborghinis to used cars at many auto dealers around the world. Auction house Southbys lets you bid on rare cars in Bitcoin. 

Real estate

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If you have a lot of Bitcoin in your portfolio you can use it to purchase property in several countries. Home sellers in Miami, New York, and Dubai are increasingly open to crypto payments. Websites like Cryptorealestate list hundreds of homes around the world which can be purchased using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 


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Major technology giants like Microsoft readily accept Bitcoin for a range of tech and software products and services. You can pay in Bitcoin for gadgets, computers, wearables, home appliances and more. Newegg is one of the largest technology websites accepting Bitcoin for all of its products. 


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Leading e-commerce platform Overstock accepts direct Bitcoin payments. This means you can buy furniture, clothing, and other goods on the Overstock website. You can also use Bitcoin on Amazon. All you need to do is use a Bitcoin debit card or buy an Amazon gift card using Bitcoin to purchase millions of goods. 

Groceries and food

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The best way to buy groceries and food with Bitcoin is to use a gift card. You can visit a company like Bitpay and use Bitcoin to buy a gift card for many different food outlets like Domino’s, Papa John’s, Subway, and more. Or you could use your Nexo crypto debit card to spend your Bitcoin holdings in any food store where the card is accepted. 


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The travel industry was one of the first to adopt Bitcoin payments. Travel sites like Travala specialise in crypto-friendly getaways. You can book hotels, villas, and plane tickets online using Bitcoin as a form of payment. If you’re looking to head further afield, Virgin Galatic will accept Bitcoin payments for space flights. 

Gold and silver

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You can diversify your portfolio of crypto holdings and buy traditional assets like gold and silver using Bitcoin. There are specialised platforms that let you buy gold with Bitcoin. All you need to do is connect your wallet to a gold trading platform and make a purchase. Other gold dealers accept Bitcoin debit or gift cards.  

Prepaid debit cards

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One of the easiest ways to spend Bitcoin online is by buying a prepaid debit card. These cards function similarly to regular debit cards, letting you make a purchase at any merchant that accepts traditional card payments while utilising your Bitcoin balance. Services like crypto.com offer prepaid debit cards. 

The above is just a small sample of the many products and services you can buy with Bitcoin. In reality, you can buy almost anything with Bitcoin, provided the seller will accept it as a form of payment. The best way to buy with Bitcoin is through a debit card, either prepaid with Bitcoin or linked to your Bitcoin wallet. 

Where can you spend Bitcoin?

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You can spend Bitcoin almost anywhere as more and more companies are now accepting it as a form of payment. Below is a selection of some of the most popular Bitcoin-accepting merchants and what they sell. 

CompanyService industry
MicrosoftMicrosoft apps
NewEggTechnology services, gadgets
TwitchStreaming services
ShopifyOnline stores
GyftGift cards
Burger KingFast food
Express VPNVPNs

How to spend Bitcoin. A step-by-step guide 

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If you don’t already own any Bitcoin, you’ll need to buy some before you can spend it. We recommend Plus500 as the best broker to buy Bitcoin. Here’s a step-by-step guide explaining how you can buy with Bitcoin. 

Step 1. Get a Bitcoin wallet

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You’ll need to get a Bitcoin wallet which will allow you to buy, receive, and send Bitcoin. There are many different types of Bitcoin wallets available and you can use our guide on the best crypto wallets in 2024 to find the most suitable option for you. 

Step 2. Buy Bitcoin

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If you don’t already own any Bitcoin, you’ll need to buy some to spend it. You can use a crypto exchange or crypto broker to make your purchase. If you’re a beginner, our guide explains exactly how to buy Bitcoin. Alternatively, use any of the buttons to buy Bitcoin from the best crypto platforms. 

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Step 3. Spend Bitcoin with a participating merchant

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Now that you’ve bought some Bitcoin and have a dedicated wallet, you’re ready to start spending. There are three main ways to spend Bitcoin and our short guides below explain each one. 

  • Shop with retailers who accept Bitcoin. Lots of well-known retailers including Starbucks and AMC Theaters now accept Bitcoin through partnerships with crypto payment processors. Simply select the Bitcoin payment option at checkout or scan the QR code to pay from your Bitcoin wallet app. 
  • Spend on a Bitcoin debit card. You can spend directly from your Bitcoin debit card which is linked to your Bitcoin wallet. These cards work in the same way as a traditional debit card which means you can usually spend anywhere where Visa or Mastercard is accepted.
  • Buy a gift card with Bitcoin. Some crypto exchanges let you swap Bitcoin for gift cards which can then be used with leading brands. Gift cards work just like regular gift cards and can be used with big-name companies like Uber and Amazon.

How do crypto debit cards work?

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A Bitcoin debit card links your Bitcoin wallet to a physical or virtual Visa/MasterCard. The card allows you to spend your Bitcoin balance in real life. There are many crypto card issuers including Coinbase, Crypto.com, and Nexo. These providers have partnerships with major card networks like Visa or Mastercard. 

When you register for a Bitcoin debit card you connect it to your Bitcoin wallet. You can then fund the card by transferring some Bitcoin onto it from your wallet. This then gets converted into your local fiat currency.

The conversion is handled by the card provider. As you use your card the dollar amount is deducted from your linked Bitcoin balance automatically. 

Is it safe to buy with Bitcoin?

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Yes, it is considered safe to spend with Bitcoin as long as you take the right precautions. The main safety consideration is to only store your Bitcoin in a secure wallet with strong encryptions and backups. Most hardware and mobile crypto wallets already provide strong safety measures. 

When you buy with Bitcoin it is important to to only deal with established merchants and crypto payment processors to avoid scams. You should verify companies are legitimate before entering any sensitive information or scanning QR codes. 

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In most countries, it is legal to buy goods and services with Bitcoin and is much like spending fiat currency. You should however check the local rules and regulations in your jurisdiction before you spend Bitcoin. Most Bitcoin purchases are treated with the same laws as fiat purchases, which means you may be subject to tax. 

Bottom line

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Over the last decade, Bitcoin’s adoption has made it easy to spend crypto almost anywhere. Today, it is possible to buy a wide selection of goods and services with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Before you buy with Bitcoin you should consider the fees which can be slightly higher than traditional methods. 

You also need to remember that many experts expect Bitcoin to increase substantially in value over the long term, so spending it now may result in you missing out on profits down the road. In 2010, a man spent 10,000 BTC on two Pappa John’s pizzas, which today would be worth over $200 million. 


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