Chainlink price prediction 2022 and beyond

Chainlink allows blockchain platforms to access real-world data, and is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies around. This page presents the best Chainlink price predictions for the next decade.
Updated: May 5, 2022

Most traders and the general Chainlink community tend to believe that its price could reach $500 – $1000 within a few market cycles. On the other hand, some analysts believe the coin will hang around the $30 – $100 area until 2030.

The sharp discrepancy in price predictions is unusual when compared to other cryptocurrencies. Here is a range of price predictions for Chainlink according to analysts from the end of 2022 to the end of 2030. 

YearAverage price prediction
An average of expert opinion on the future price of Chainlink, updated 05 May 2022

Part of composability is that you don’t have to build everything by yourself. Chainlink’s oracle is very good, and it’s part of this whole composability idea, it’s vital.”

Stani Kulechov, CEO of AAVE

We really did our due diligence and looked around… Chainlink is definitely the most established [project], and every time we dealt with them the level of expertise was incredible so I feel like we are in good hands.”

Justin Moses, CTO of Synthetix   

Integrating industry-leading decentralized oracle technology is the key step in the continued decentralization of Celsius. Partnering with Chainlink solidifies our mission to bring revolutionary financial services to millions around the world.”

Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius

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What will Chainlink be worth in 2022? Most analysts believe can reach a target of around $42 by the end of 2022. It may not be a smooth path to get there, however, as many also expect the price to fluctuate quite dramatically on the way.

What will Chainlink be worth in 2023? A new all-time high of $74 is possible in 2023. By then, a great number of blockchains and applications may be using Chainlink oracles, and this increased popularity would drive more demand for the coin. 

What will Chainlink be worth in 2024? A price target of around $92 has been set for 2024. This is reliant on continued growth of the platform, through building more links with other blockchains and supplying them with data.

What will Chainlink be worth in 2025? Analysts believe the price will range once more around the $90 region before ending the year at around $99. This represents a relatively slow period of growth in the middle of the decade and perhaps a ceiling to what analysts think is possible.

What will Chainlink be worth in 2030? A popular choice is for Chainlink to breach $100 at the dawn of the new decade. This again suggests that analysts do not expect it to grow significantly in the latter half of the 2020s. 

There are some underlying fundamental factors, such as the success of its data supply service, that play an important role in the price. There are also some technical factors, such as support and resistance levels, that also have an impact on the way its value changes.

The fundamentals

Chainlink is a decentralised network that carries data from outside of the blockchain into applications on the blockchain using “oracles”. These oracles involve people offering their own computers to help with the process and LINK tokens are used to reimburse them for their effort. 

Many decentralised applications rely on the data oracles that Chainlink is able to provide. As more projects come to use Chainlink’s network, it’s generally accepted that the price of Chainlink should appreciate alongside its network usage.

The technical

Technical analysis can be used to try and predict how an asset will perform overtime. The moving average, trading volume, and spotting support levels can all contribute to making a decision on whether a trade should be taken on an asset or not.

During times of market uncertainty or whenever the Bitcoin price falls, Chainlink tends to stay afloat and even appreciate in price. This has become a joke amongst the crypto community, as this is highly unusual (in fact, the opposite of how most coins perform).

LINKs price closed above $50 in May 2021, however since then its been on a steady decline. Following its all time high, it has lost around 80% in value and 2022 has seen it trading at $10 for the first time in a couple of years. The chart below shows how its price has changed over time.

Source: Tradingview

Key levels to watch

Chainlink has spent a lot of time fluctuating between $20 and $30. It may be difficult to break through these barriers but, if it does, that might prompt a significant move in price. Beyond that, $50 and, especially $100, are likely to be levels that offer a lot of resistance.

Support and resistance levels refer to prices where there is a lot of trading volume, either in the form of people wanting to sell or those who want to buy. This volume floods the market with either supply or demand and often prevents it from moving past that particular price.

In Chainlink’s case, $50 is certainly an important number to watch and it is likely to be a key resistance figure, where there are a lot of people waiting to sell. $20, on the other hand, is a significant point of support where there might be a lot of buyers wanting to get in and drive the price back up.

Chainlink has been a relatively safe investment for many crypto traders and is a good place to start for anyone new. It plays an important role in providing data to all sorts of blockchain projects and that, along with its reliable price action make it a good option even during market downturns.

Data oracles are needed for crypto projects to retrieve external data so that they can present it to their users. If you believe that Chainlink is better than its competitors API3 and Band Protocol, then Chainlink is a great long-term investment in any portfolio. 

Whether investors believe Chainlink can knock its competitors out of the game or not, LINK is still considered a good investment option. It’s one of the older and most successful crypto projects and already has hundreds of partners on board.

Key takeaways

Chainlink provides an important service and is considered a staple investment for any crypto portfolio. Many analysts believe that it can reach $100 by the end of the decade and this might even be a conservative estimate.

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