Compare the best Dogecoin platforms, exchanges & apps in 2024

This guide reviews the best Dogecoin exchanges and compares them according to their cost, reliability, and security.
Updated: Jun 16, 2023

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This beginner’s guide takes you through what to look for in a Dogecoin exchange. Learn about the apps for spending and storing, trading and selling Dogecoin and find out what features to look for.

Best Dogecoin exchanges overall for 2024

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Where can you buy Dogecoin on an exchange?

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The best Dogecoin exchanges are listed in the table below. We’ve been through and compared all the leading platforms in order to create this list, and you can read through our reviews of each one for more information.

Min. Deposit
40 €
Best offer
User Score
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Copia automáticamente a los principales traders de cripomonedas
Haz un depósito mediante PayPal u otra de las 9 opciones disponibles
Start Trading
Payment Methods:
Bank Transfer, Debit Card, neteller, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Sofort, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Klarna, POLi, Przelewy24, Rapid Transfer, Trustly, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Discover, Maestro Master, Electron, Bank Transfer: SEPA, iDeal, Checkout, eToro Money, Payabl, Przelewy 24, ZotaPay, Worldpay, skrill
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Top 3 Dogecoin exchanges, reviewed

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What is a Dogecoin exchange?

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A marketplace where you can buy or sell Dogecoin from other users online. It’s like a stock market for cryptocurrency, where the prices change in real time based on the trading volume. Unlike the stock market, crypto exchanges are open 24/7, so you can make moves any time of day. 

There are many different types of Dogecoin exchange, from centralised to decentralised, and from ones that accept fiat currencies (like GBP or USD) to ones that only let you use cryptocurrencies. What they have in common is that they usually offer the best prices on any coin and the most flexibility, so you can buy a large amount of Dogecoin or easily swap one coin for another.

What’s the difference between a broker and an exchange?

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The main difference is who you’re trading with. With a broker, you’re dealing directly with the platform itself, which sets the price or offers the means to speculate on a price in real time. On an exchange, you buy and sell from other people – known as ‘peer-to-peer’ transactions – and the price is set by supply and demand. To learn more, a comprehensive guide about the best Dogecoin exchanges have been written by our financial experts.

Generally speaking, brokers are easier to use for beginners while exchanges offer more advanced features for experienced users. The trade-off for that simplicity is that brokers tend to be a bit more expensive.

How do Dogecoin exchanges work?

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It acts like a matchmaking service for traders, pairing up buyers with sellers and setting the price based on supply and demand. The exchange plays the role of the middleman, taking a cut for themselves in return for creating the marketplace for these trades to happen.

There are two ways to use an exchange, and these are known as ‘market orders’ or limit orders’. A market order is the quickest way, as it’s simply an order to buy Dogecoin at the best available price right now. A limit order is when you set the price you’re willing to buy or sell at in advance and the trade goes through as soon as the price hits that level.

How to use a Dogecoin exchange

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First, you have to create an account and deposit money into it. Most platforms require you to provide a form of photo ID along with some contact details in order to sign up. Once your account is verified (which should only take an hour or so at most), you need to add money to it.

If the exchange accepts deposits in USD or GBP, you can use a bank transfer or a credit/debit card to do this. These are usually the cheapest methods, while something like PayPal might cost significantly more. Note that a few platforms only accept deposits in cryptocurrency, in which case you need to transfer money from a crypto wallet instead.

What should I look for in a DOGE exchange?

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It depends on whether you are a short or long term trader, how big a budget you have, and whether you’re new to cryptocurrency or an experienced investor. To help you narrow it down, these factors below are important to everyone

Low fees

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Dogecoin apps make money by charging a fee or commission on each of your actions. The cost can vary greatly depending on what task it’s going to perform. Brokers and exchanges usually charge a fee of around 1% to deposit or withdraw money while the trading fees vary: some brokers are free, while others can be between 1-2% on every trade. Shop around to find the best price.

Another thing to look out for is ‘blockchain fees’. These are the costs of doing business with any cryptocurrency, and are paid to ‘miners’ as an incentive for adding new transactions on top of any fees your exchange charges. During busy times, these fees can become very expensive, so you want to avoid making trades at peak moments if you can.

Design and ease of use

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If you’re new to cryptocurrency then a Dogecoin app with an interface that presents all the most important information in a clean and simple way is crucial. As crypto has become more mainstream, the quality of websites and apps has improved along with it.

It’s still important to pick out a site that works for you, however. That might mean looking for a Dogecoin exchange with a quality mobile app so that you can manage your coins on the go. Or for a Doge broker with lots of tutorials and beginner-friendly material to help you get started.

Reputation and regulation

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Your Dogecoin app is going to be the place you manage your money, so choose a platform that you can rely on and that you know is safe. While cryptocurrency isn’t always regulated, some parts of the industry are. Brokers, for example, have to be regulated by the financial authorities and you should never use an unregulated one.

For the areas that aren’t as strictly regulated, like exchanges, you can use reviews to help you identify the best and safest platforms. You can use our expert reviews or the verdict from other customers to shape your decision.

Variety of coins

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You might want to own other coins alongside Dogecoin. In that case, the range an exchange offers is extremely important. Platforms like Binance have a huge number of options available, from obscure altcoins to big hitters like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Others are much more focused on the leading coins, so you should factor that into your choice of exchange.

Trading options

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If you’re an active trader then you want to find a Dogecoin broker with lots of extra features. That might mean the ability to trade with leverage or to short-sell Dogecoin. These features are sometimes available to everyone, while some platforms only offer them to traders who pass more extensive financial checks or have been active for a certain period of time.

Geographical restrictions

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Some platforms only operate in certain jurisdictions and aren’t available in others. The rules in Europe are different to those in the US, for example, while China has the strictest cryptocurrency policy of all. Make sure to check if the Ethereum exchange is available in your country, and if you plan on moving around then you need to factor that in as well. Our reviewers have checked which countries every leading platform is available in to help you.

Tools and charts

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This is particularly important if you want to buy or sell Dogecoin through an app. Technical analysis is a key part of successfully identifying opportunities and, although you might not get all the features of the main website through an app, you want as many of them as possible.


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Security is all about how safe it’s going to keep your money. It’s best to avoid anywhere that has experienced hacks or security breaches in the past and to shop around to compare how apps treat security. Features like two-factor authentication (2FA) are good news.

Additional features

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The best apps should offer more than just the basics and you should look for a platform that goes above and beyond what you expect of it. That might mean the ability to use demo or beginner accounts, an all-round app that lets you store and trade Dogecoin from the same place, or a wallet with a debit card that you can use to spend crypto day-to-day.

Quick answers to key questions

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Do Dogecoin brokers charge commissions or fees?

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Yes, brokers normally charge a fee for trading as well as deposits and withdrawals. Sometimes the fee is included as part of the Dogecoin price that’s displayed, other times it’s an extra on top. Look out for additional fees for depositing using certain payment methods, such as PayPal or a credit card.

The best way to tell how much a broker charges is by looking at the difference between its buy and sell prices for a coin. That difference is known as the ‘spread’ and includes the cut that the broker takes on each trade.

Do I have to verify my account?

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Yes, normally you have to provide some photo ID to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations whenever you sign up for a Dogecoin exchange or a broker. Normally you have to verify your account through a link in your email or sent to your mobile phone as well. There are some ways to buy Dogecoin anonymously without these checks but for most people we recommend you stick to exchanges that comply with them.

Are Dogecoin exchanges safe and secure?

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Yes, they are secure. For even more security, you can store your coins in a Dogecoin wallet which removes the risk of a hacker gaining access to the exchange. The risk of that is low, however, and for most users leaving money in your exchange account is perfectly safe.

What payment methods are available?

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You can deposit money via a bank transfer or debit/credit card with almost all the top Dogeecoin exchanges. Alternative methods like PayPal or Google Pay are much less common and, where they do exist, come with higher fees.

For exchanges that only accept cryptocurrency deposits, you have to have a wallet. You can then send money to the exchange account straight from your wallet, all you have to do is find the right address to send it to, which should be easy to find on the exchange.

Do I need a wallet to use a Dogecoin trading platform?

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No, you can usually buy and sell coins without a wallet. Your broker account will provide some form of digital wallet so that you can leave your coins on the platform. You can choose to move the coins into a wallet after you’ve bought them.

If you’re trading Dogecoin using CFDs, then there’s no need for a wallet. With CFDs you never take ownership of the coins at all.

Should I use a Dogecoin exchange?

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An exchange is usually a good bet if you want to own the coins themselves. It depends on what type of trader you are, though, and exchanges might not be for everyone. To help you decide we’ve summarised the pros and cons of using one below.


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  • You can buy Dogecoin instantly on an exchange and take ownership of the coins
  • You can use an exchange to swap Dogecoin for another cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin
  • Apps are a convenient way to manage your DOGE through your phone, whether that’s on the go or from the couch
  • You can find apps that combine all the services you need to buy, store, and earn Dogecoin into one handy platform
  • Apps are specifically designed to be convenient and easy to use, even for beginners


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Sign up for an exchange


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