How to buy Dogecoin anonymously without ID in 2023

If you want to stay anonymous when you buy your cryptocurrency then there are a few different ways to do it. This guide compares the best ways to get Dogecoin without providing any ID.
Updated: May 11, 2023

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This page explores how anonymous Dogecoin is and how to get it if privacy is your main concern. Use this guide to find out what your options are, the features to look out for, and how to balance security with anonymity.

Compare the best places to buy Dogecoin anonymously

If you just want to go ahead and get Dogecoin now, then these platforms are the best places to do so without providing any ID. Either click one of the links to head straight to the platform, or scroll down to learn more about how to choose between them.

Is Dogecoin anonymous?

It’s not totally anonymous but it is easier to conceal your identity with cryptocurrency compared to regular fiat currencies like GBP or USD. The reason it isn’t entirely anonymous is that the movement of coins is stored on a public blockchain and each person has a unique wallet ‘address’.

A wallet is a bit like a bank account and the address that represents it is a string of numbers. In practice, unless you publicise the information it’s unlikely anyone is going to be able to link you to a particular wallet. However, it’s not impossible, and so you might want to go to greater lengths to ensure anonymity.

The best option is usually to make it harder to link information that is unique to you, such as your bank account details or home address, to the online wallet address. Generally, that means using an alternative buying method to brokers or exchanges, which require an ID check for you to use them.

Can you buy Dogecoin anonymously?

It’s certainly possible to be more anonymous but it’s hard to be completely so. Excluding brokers and traditional exchanges from the buying process is a big step but that limits your options to a few alternative services.

The most common alternatives are peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges, crypto ATMs, or in-person trades. For each of these, you have to accept a trade-off in return for more anonymity. You might have to pay more, travel further, or take on the risk of meeting up with strangers to arrange a deal.

The other factor to consider is how you pay for the coins. If you use an anonymous method but pay for the coins with a card or account that can be traced back to you, a lot of your work will have been wasted.

Where can I get Dogecoin without ID?

There are three main ways to do so and we’ve arranged them here in order of convenience. P2P exchanges are generally the easiest to use from your own home, while both ATMs and in-person trades require some travel and organisation in advance.

P2P exchanges

A P2P exchange matches buyers with sellers directly. It’s like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, in that it provides the arena for you to match up with someone who wants to sell Dogecoin. There’s no requirement to provide ID to start using it – usually – and once you’ve matched up you can organise the exact details of the deal between you.

As is a theme with this kind of transaction, remember that there are far fewer security checks when you get crypto in this way. Be careful before you part with your money.


  • It’s easy to set up an account without any ID
  • There are far more payment options than with regular exchanges
  • You can contact the seller directly to organise the trade


Dogecoin ATMs

A crypto ATM is like a physical exchange where you can buy (and occasionally sell) Dogecoin with cash. Rather than using a debit card to access your account like with a traditional ATM, you scan a QR code that’s linked to your wallet, then the coins you get are instantly transferred there.

The main issue with ATMs is that there aren’t very many of them. The majority are Bitcoin ATMs, and only a select few offer Dogecoin services. And by their very nature, it requires more organisation and travel to find and get to one.


  • An ATM is relatively simple to use
  • You can buy or sell Dogecoin for cash
  • ATMs usually allow for Bitcoin transactions as well


In-person trades

An in-person trade is essentially the most anonymous way to get Bitcoin. You can organise a face-to-face meeting through a P2P exchange or another online site, meet up and make the payment in cash. The seller can then transfer the Dogecoin to your wallet, as that transaction has to be done online.

There’s very little way for a transaction like that to be traced but any in-person meeting is inherently riskier. It’s easy to get scammed, organising the meeting is inconvenient, and crypto is volatile enough that the market price could have changed significantly before you complete the transaction.


  • Extremely anonymous if you pay in cash
  • It’s easy to organise a trade between friends
  • Can organise a payment method that suits you


Things to look out for

Before you go ahead and make an anonymous deal, there are a few things it’s worth knowing about. Use this list to get to grips with what you should look out for when you try to organise an anonymous purchase.

Payment methods

A big benefit of organising your own trade on a P2P exchange or in-person is that you can make the payment in any way that suits both parties. Cash and prepaid cards are the best way to remain anonymous and you should look to do the deal with one of those payment methods.

Low fees

You should expect to pay a higher price for the coins but that doesn’t mean you should accept high fees as well. Look for an exchange or an ATM that keeps fees to a minimum in order to get the best value.

Trading limits

This depends on how much you want to buy but it’s worth considering before you do any deal. There might not be literal trading limits on an exchange but there are practical ones as any one person only has so much Dogecoin to sell. Make sure you know how much you want to own before you start and organise your deals accordingly.


You should still try to make your deal as secure as possible. While you won’t have the protection of regulated brokers, that doesn’t mean you have to take unnecessary risks. Look for an exchange platform that uses encrypted payments and if you’re meeting anyone face-to-face make sure to do it in a public place.

Quick answers to key questions

Is it safe to buy Dogecoin anonymously?

That depends on how you do so, as some methods are safer than others. Some P2P exchanges guarantee the payment and will check if the transaction has taken place – a bit like eBay – and in ATMs tend to be quite secure as well. Platforms that don’t use ID checks are less safe than those that do, so you have to decide how important anonymity is to you.

Generally yes, although it’s a good idea to check the law in your country of residence. If it’s legal to buy cryptocurrency then you should be fine. Just remember that tax laws still apply even if you do a cash deal in-person, and you will have to pay tax on any capital gains you make depending on the laws where you live.

Will I have to pay extra to remain anonymous?

Yes, you usually will have to pay a higher price for the coins you buy anonymously. Sellers or ATMs bake in fees and extra costs into the price compared to regular exchanges or broker platforms. You’re also susceptible to ‘slippage’ where the market price changes before your deal has gone through, particularly if you agree on a price in advance of meeting in-person.

How do I store my coins anonymously?

A wallet is the best place to store the coins. In fact, to make an anonymous purchase you almost always have to have a wallet in order to send or receive the coins themselves. Wallets aren’t entirely anonymous as theoretically the address could be traced back to you but, unless you publicise that information, it’s very difficult to do so.

Should I buy Dogecoin with no ID?

It’s up to you. It’s not the easiest way to get Dogecoin and if you’re new to cryptocurrency it’s best to stick to an exchange or a broker that requires an ID check. They offer better prices and are a much more user-friendly way to start. If you’re more familiar with the industry and are happy to pay a bit extra for the privilege of staying more anonymous, then it can be worth doing.

What should I do now?

You can go to the table above to pick a platform and get into Dogecoin right away. Or you can read more about how to buy Dogecoin in a more traditional way first. Our latest news below is a good place to find out what’s going on in the crypto world, while our crypto courses can teach you about how it all works.

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