EthereumMax (EMAX) – All you need to know

What is EthereumMax?

EthereumMax is a cryptocurrency that’s used as a means of payment, particularly for cultural events like concert tickets or boxing matches. It also promises a reward to anyone who holds the coin, with 2% of every transaction distributed among existing users.

The coin rose to prominence in May 2021 when it was promoted by Floyd Mayweather during his fight with the Youtube star, Logan Paul. It claims to have been the exclusive cryptocurrency of that fight and the only way to buy tickets with crypto, although whether that’s true or not is unclear.

Celebrity endorsements, along with some vague promises about how it works, are a feature of EthereumMax so far. Most notably, Kim Kardashian has been paid to promote it, while it claims to have an NFT marketplace in the works.

How does EthereumMax work?

The simple answer is that we don’t know. There is very little information about EthereumMax out there. There’s no white paper – usually standard for a cryptocurrency where the developers explain how it works – and not much else outside of some splashy social media ads.

That said, cryptocurrencies normally work by recording the movement of coins on a blockchain. The blockchain is like a database that stores the online addresses of everyone who owns coins and tracks money as it moves between them. EthereumMax almost certainly works in a similar way.

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