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Learn everything you need to know about Nano coin with this hub page. We take you through the range of investing methods and provide links to guides and key information.
Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Ways to invest in Nano

First, you need to sign up with either an exchange or an online broker. These services work slightly differently, though their fundamental purpose remains the same: to facilitate buying, selling and trading of cryptocurrencies like Nano. 

However, your investment options aren’t just limited to brokers and exchanges. For example, you can go through a trust, or even via an ETF that holds Nano. Click the links in the below list to find out more information.

Get started guides

What is Nano?

Since its 2015 launch as RaiBlocks, the currency now known as Nano has targeted a problem associated with so many blockchain-based cryptocurrencies – scalability. It does this by utilising a set of non-shared asynchronous ledgers, called a block-lattice, instead of a shared global ledger. 

Using a block-lattice helps to address issues associated with the original Bitcoin blockchain model, reducing the potential for bottlenecks and speeding up transaction times. In theory, this makes Nano far better equipped than Bitcoin to take on established global payment systems. 

How does Nano work?

Nano’s architecture grants every account its own blockchain (referred to as account-chains), collectively this network is known as a block-lattice. Each complete transaction requires two blocks, one to send and another to receive. 

Unlike conventional blockchains, there’s no global ledger, meaning accounts are able to update the status of their independent ledgers asynchronously, thus speeding up the whole process. 

Nano’s Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm adds further efficiency by removing the need for mining. Instead ‘validators’ stake digital NANO (Nano’s native coin) to participate in the validation of transactions. DPoS introduces ‘delegates’, who confirm transactions when there’s an issue, to the Proof of Stake model.

How to invest in Nano

The large variety of options available to you are outlined below. Click any of the links to find out more about a specific subject. 

Where can I buy Nano now?

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