Best privacy coins in 2022

Privacy coins allow investors to keep their holdings out of the public eye and secure. Below we’ll list 5 of the best privacy coins currently available.
Updated: Sep 20, 2022

We’ve handpicked 5 great privacy coins for you to look at. Each coin will come with a brief overview along with the general pros and cons of privacy coins.

What are privacy coins and why are they so important?

Privacy coins conceal trading information about their holders and identities. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that have their transactional information available to the public, privacy coins hide any information related to transactional data, including wallet addresses.

To achieve this, privacy coins utilise a range of technologies and techniques. One of the main methods is through zero-knowledge proofs, which allows the blockchain to prove the validity of transactions without having to identify who’s behind the transaction or the amount of the transaction.

Other methods include stealth addresses, ring signatures, and more. Keep reading to find out about some of the best privacy coins on the market and how they work.

How and where can I buy privacy coins now? 

Below are some of the best places to buy privacy coins online. Simply click on one of the links to sign up, and the process only takes a few minutes. Then you can deposit some money into the account to get started.

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5 easy steps to buy privacy coins

To purchase your first privacy coin simply follow the easy steps below.

1.   Choose an exchange. Privacy coins can be bought using a cryptocurrency exchange. Depending on where you’re located, Monero might not be legally available in your country, and it will not be listed on crypto exchanges in your territory. If this is the case, then Monero can only be bought on decentralised exchanges like Uniswap or through over-the-counter platforms. Use the table above to see our suggested cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers.

2. Create an account. Once you’ve chosen an exchange to use you must then create an account to use their services. You will need some contact information and your personal ID.

3. Deposit funds. You will need to deposit funds into your exchange account to be able to purchase coins. This can be done through a bank transfer using your debit/credit card or through PayPal.

4. Purchase a privacy coin. Use the exchange’s search bar to find the privacy coin that you would like to buy, then enter the number of coins that you would like to acquire.

5. Confirm the order. Click the buy button to confirm the trade. The coins you bought will be added to your exchange wallet within a few seconds.

Top 5 privacy coins

Below are some of the best privacy coins available. Included are brief summaries of each privacy coin’s purpose and what makes them distinctive.

#Coin symbolCoin nameTrade now
List selected by our team of analysts, updated 4th January 2022

1. Dusk (DUSK)

Dusk is a privacy blockchain that wants to create a completely private and secure network for crypto traders and developers. On Dusk, developers will be able to deploy decentralised applications that conceal the information of the user including all transaction information from the ground up. 

One of the main aims of dusk is to provide businesses with more confidentiality; to deliver a more sophisticated way of doing decentralised finance, and to address regulatory requirements in broader financial markets.

It’s important to note that Dusk will be the first blockchain capable of having native confidential smart contracts running on a virtual machine, a zero-knowledge virtual machine called “Rusk.”

2. Monero (XMR)

Launched in 2014, Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency that uses zero-knowledge proofs, stealth addresses, and other methods to conceal the transaction information, addresses, and receipts of users who purchase and use Monero.

Transactions are validated using a proof of work consensus mechanism similar to Bitcoin. Monero has been used to launder money, purchase items from the dark web, and conduct tax avoidance in the past, although that is unavoidable, to some extent, with anonymous payment protocols.

International security companies and the Internal Revenue Service in the U.S have been on the lookout for contractors to help trace Monero transactions and develop tracing mechanisms. Despite that, it remains one of the top privacy coins available right now.

3. zCash (ZEC)

zCASH is built using the same infrastructure as Bitcoin and its main difference is that all transactions on zCASH are encrypted. To view a user’s transaction information, address, and amount of funds sent, the original sender must first give permission to the enquirer.

zCASH actively conceals sensitive information about the transactions between two parties from outsiders. Unlike Monero, zCASH allows users to choose who can view their transactional data. zCASH calls this ‘selective discourse’.

Using selective discourse, zCash users who are asked to comply with law enforcement and tax agencies have the choice to present their transaction data if need be. zCASH has said in the past that they did not intend zCASH to be used for illegal purposes.

4. Verge (XVG)

Concealing the IP addresses and locations of users who make transactions is Verge’s way of offering an anonymous way to trade on the blockchain. Originally called “DogeCoinDark,” due to it being a fork (copy) of the infamous Dogecoin, Verge went on to change its name in 2016.

Verge utilises the Invisible Internet project, also known as IP2, to conceal its user’s information. The Invisible Internet Project is a peer to peer anonymous network that encrypts data and scatters it around to avoid third parties from detecting it. 

Verge is one of the only cryptocurrencies to not use cryptographic techniques to hide users’ information. However, its unique encryption method has helped it to become one of the best privacy coins available today.

5. Rose (ROSE)

Rose is a cryptocurrency that’s part of the Oasis Network, a privacy-focused platform that focuses on keeping data and financial transactions secure. Users who own Rose can earn rewards for staking, vote on governance decisions, and pay for transaction costs.

On the Oasis Network, users have the ability to create private smart contracts and to ‘tokenise’ their data. This allows people much greater control over their data, as well as the opportunity to make money from it.

Similarly, Oasis allows for the creation of private lending platforms, undercollateralized loans, and the ability to earn rewards paid in cryptocurrency. All this makes it one of the most adaptable privacy coins around.

Before investing in privacy coins 

Below are some pros and cons that come with investing in privacy coins.


  • Privacy coins can be used to keep your monetary balances and transaction data private
  • Privacy projects are becoming more robust and complex. As time goes on, new privacy technologies will come about and you’ll be investing in the forefront of blockchain privacy technology
  • The privacy and security of cryptocurrencies will always be an important topic in the crypto world. As a result, privacy coins are rarely forgotten by the market; privacy coins going back to 2016 are still in use.


Benefits of investing in privacy coins

Privacy coins can be used to keep your private information and financial balances away from malicious parties. They offer a layer of security that other coins are unable to provide, due to the way other cryptocurrencies are designed with public ledgers in mind.

If you’re looking to keep your cryptocurrency wallet, coins or certain personal information secure then using a privacy blockchain or purchasing privacy coins are one of the best ways to go about securing the aforementioned material.

Risks of investing in privacy coins

Privacy coins have had a poor reputation since their conception. Although Bitcoin is not a privacy coin, many regulatory agencies targeted Bitcoin, claiming it was a way for malicious parties to hide their deeds.

As time went on, these agencies toned down on Bitcoin and now, Bitcoin is held by banks and international monetary funds. It’s possible that privacy coins might follow a similar timeline and it’s always useful to stay up to date on laws about cryptocurrencies in your country.

How can I find the best privacy coins prospects?

It’s always a good idea to search for privacy projects that aim to do something different with how they make their network or coin private and secure. Privy coins are appearing more often in the market and security is becoming a big selling point.

Innovative privacy technologies are becoming more apparent and as the zero-knowledge narrative becomes strong in 2022, the market may go through a zero-knowledge renaissance from rollups to more refined private smart contracts. Keep on the lookout for upcoming coins/projects that utilize zero-knowledge and Zk-rollups for Ethereum.

Final Thoughts

Privacy coins are a great investment if you’re looking for security and privacy in the crypto world. As the market matures, hopefully regulators will come to understand the reasons that privacy coins exist and how they can help the average person in securing their funds and having more control.

The world of zero-knowledge proofs is about to become more exciting. Already, they are one of the major talking points in crypto and serve as an investment narrative for many.

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