Qtum (QTUM)

Qtum (QTUM)

The price of Qtum is $2.64, a +0.13% change over the last 7 days. Learn more about Qtum’s price history, how it works, and how to invest.

Updated: Mar 21, 2023
Historical Data
Price Statistics
Qtum price today
24h Change $0.03
24h Low $2.59
24h High $2.64
Market Cap $276.55M
Trading Volume (24h) $24.52M
Market Dominance 0%
Market Rank #112
Circulating Supply 104.67M
Max Supply 107.82M

Qtum markets

Spot Derivatives OTC
# Source Pairs Price +2% Depth -2% Depth Volume Updated
Binance Binance
QTUM/USDT $2.64 $43,711.71 $182,279.33 786,107 Recently
Bithumb Bithumb
QTUM/KRW $2.67 $10,721.57 $17,171.08 88,940 Recently
Binance Binance
QTUM/BUSD $2.64 $8,487.79 $12,110.75 14,916 Recently
Binance Binance
QTUM/BTC $2.64 $5,541.71 $17,970.19 208,516 Recently
Kraken Kraken
QTUM/USD $2.62 $59,531.41 $63,979.26 3,433 Recently
Kraken Kraken
QTUM/EUR $2.61 $53,189.75 $53,167.79 850 Recently
KuCoin KuCoin
QTUM/BTC $2.64 $4,415.52 $1,136.88 2,014 Recently
Binance Binance
QTUM/ETH $2.64 $6,841.11 $10,098.06 759 Recently
Bitfinex Bitfinex
QTUM/USD $2.61 $19,911.74 $20,298.60 60 Recently
Kraken Kraken
QTUM/BTC $2.63 $27,295.12 $43,802.61 1,118 Recently
Binance Binance
QTUM/USDT $2.64 $0 $0 9,711,079 Recently
KuCoin KuCoin
QTUM/USDT $2.63 $0 $0 52,222 Recently
Kraken Kraken
QTUM/USD $2.58 $0 $0 5 Recently
QTUM/USDT $2.64 $0 $0 1,478,698 Recently
Bybit Bybit
QTUM/USDT $2.65 $0 $0 442,505 Recently
Bitget Bitget
QTUM/USDT $2.64 $0 $0 467,931 Recently
Crypto.com Exchange Crypto.com Exchange
QTUM/USD $2.65 $0 $0 8,389 Recently
QTUM/USDT $2.64 $0 $0 395,862 Recently
CoinEx CoinEx
QTUM/USDT $2.64 $0 $0 58,216 Recently
Bitrue Bitrue
QTUM/USDT $2.64 $0 $0 1,166,168 Recently
StormGain StormGain
QTUM/USDT $2.64 $0 $0 8,295 Recently
QTUM/USDT $2.65 $0 $0 38,518 Recently
QTUM/USDT $2.59 $0 $0 861,819 Recently
QTUM/USDT $2.64 $0 $0 8,042,835 Recently
QTUM/USDT $2.65 $0 $0 1,487,314 Recently
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About Qtum


What is the Qtum price today?

The QTUM price is currently $2.64. The price of Qtum is -8.68% over the last 30 days. You can use the live Qtum chart to track the QTUM/USD price in real time above, or compare the Qtum value today to its past performance using the Qtum price history tab at the top of this page.

What is the total supply of QTUM?

The circulating supply is 104,673,492.50 QTUM, out of a total maximum supply of 107,822,406.00 QTUM.

What is the price prediction for Qtum?

The average Qtum price prediction values the coin at $10 by the end of 2023. Things like the economic climate, and the crypto market as a whole can all have an impact on the price.

It’s best to take predictions with a grain of salt but you can use expert estimates to help you understand the weight of opinion about a coin.

What is Qtum?

Qtum is a platform for businesses to build on the blockchain. It provides a framework for developing apps with the speed and scale any big business needs to run its operations. By creating a platform that addresses the needs of those businesses, Qtum wants to be at the centre of a new wave of ventures launched on blockchain technology.

How does Qtum work?

Qtum bases its payments system on the Bitcoin blockchain, although it has replaced the ‘mining’ process that makes Bitcoin so energy-intensive. Instead, the QTUM token is used to approve new transactions, so it can work much faster without requiring massive amounts of hardware to run.

How is the Qtum network secured?

Qtum uses a proof of stake model, which means other users on the network, known as validators, secure and verify all transactions. These validators are rewarded for their work in securing the platform with QTUM coins.

What is Qtum used for?

Qtum works by building on existing blockchain technology to scale it up for business use. In particular, this means combining Ethereum’s smart contract capability with Bitcoin’s secure payments system. Qtum works like a translator in the middle, so that these two very different systems can communicate with each other.

Why does QTUM have value?

The QTUM cryptocurrency is a way of paying to create things on the Qtum platform. Creating a smart contract requires QTUM, and it can be staked can stake it to help build on the platform as well. Qtum runs a lottery system to offer rewards to anyone who stakes coins in support of the platform and the more you hold, the greater the chance of winning rewards.

Who created Qtum?

Formed in Singapore in 2016, Qtum is particularly focused on breaking into the Chinese market. Its founder, Danny Lai, previously worked at Alibaba, while many of the investors who backed Qtum from the beginning are based in China.

Where can I buy Qtum?

You can buy Qtum on a crypto exchange. An exchange is a marketplace that allows you to sign up, deposit your money, and buy some crypto, just as you would with a stock platform.

Most cryptocurrency brokers allow you to keep the coins you buy in your account. However, you may want to sign up for a dedicated crypto wallet for some extra security.

Are there any other ways to invest in Qtum?

The simplest way to invest in Qtum is to buy it outright. However, another option is to simply open a crypto account. Crypto accounts are like regular bank accounts and allow you to store a variety of currencies, send and receive payments, earn interest on savings, and spend freely with a credit card.

You can also invest in crypto more generally through a crypto ETF or a crypto fund. These are financial instruments that give you exposure to a group of leading cryptocurrencies, more suited to high net worth individuals.

Are there any Qtum alternatives?

Qtum is a unique crypto project with few similar platforms available. However, there are several alternatives which you can find below.

  • Polkadot. Polkadot is a blockchain that enables web 3.0
  • Algorand. Algorand is an open-source blockchain platform.
  • Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the original and largest cryptocurrency.

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