Sentivate (SNTVT) – All you need to know

What is Sentivate?

Sentivate is an innovative project that aims to revolutionise the way the internet operates. The SNTVT token currently serves as Sentivate’s native token, though the development team aims to eventually swap it in favour of VIAT tokens that will be enabled when Sentivate’s web launches. Tokens will be swapped in a 1000:1 (SNTVT:VIAT) ratio.

Fundamentally, the project is about bringing speed, security, scalability, flexibility, and accountability to a modern internet which has failed to improve to keep up with demand in recent years. In a white paper (report), Sentivate explains that the current protocols behind the world wide web – such as HTTP and DNS – are no longer fit for function. Many issues exist, such as increasingly limited bandwidth, old standards, a lack of features, a lack of identity, and little accountability.

Sentivate’s solution is a hybrid platform that takes the best components from both centralised and decentralised systems. The long-term vision for Sentivate is undoubtedly exciting. Internet users will eventually be able to browse with a single universal identity rather than multiple usernames and passwords, and this is just one of the many changes Sentivate proposes to make to the internet behind the scenes.

How does Sentivate work?

Sentivate works by using a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) known as UDSP to solve many of the problems afflicting the internet as it exists today. The internet today is under a great deal more strain than it used to be. Developing countries are coming online, individuals are using multiple devices and there are more devices per household, and technologies like self-driving cars are growing in popularity. Within the Internet of things (IoT), the ‘things’ have become a great deal more complicated and in need of more bandwidth.

The UDSP is a data transfer solution that is designed for machine-to-machine communication within the IoT, and it breaks down data into packages so that it can be sent and combined in such a way that bandwidth issues are solved. Think of this as a much-needed update for the Internet. More data than ever is being sent at single points in time, and Sentivate’s solution prevents congestion by allowing many of the outdated protocols like HTTP and DNS to work together in a way that couldn’t happen before.

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