Compare the best cryptocurrency signals in 2022

Crypto signals providers send you notifications on which coins to trade and when. Our panel of experts have compared the best crypto signals providers to help you choose the right one.
Updated: Aug 24, 2022

We asked our team of cryptocurrency analysts and traders to try out a range of crypto trading signals providers to assess whether they were worth it and to pick out the best ones.

Each expert signed up to each service for a short time to see what information they received along with the trading signals, such as entry and exit positions and time frames, and to see whether the service was profitable. This guide compiles all their feedback and ratings into a final list of the best crypto signals available today.

The best crypto signal providers

  • 3Commas – best crypto trading signal provider overall
  • TradeSanta – best crypto signals for beginners
  • ZenTradingSignals – best crypto trading signals on Telegram

Where can I find the best crypto trading signals?

Use the links in the table below if you want to start using a crypto signal service straight away. They take you straight to the website where you can sign up and subscribe. Or you can keep reading to learn more about what to look for in quality crypto signals.

Min. Deposit
$ 100
User Score
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TradeSanta is a cloud-based software designed to automate your cryptocurrency trading strategy and to make trading accessible to anyone.
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Top crypto signals

1. 3Commas: best crypto trading signal provider overall

3Commas is a cryptocurrency signals service with a huge range of features. It offers different bots for each trading style, so that you can sign up for signals from beginner-friendly, low-risk systems right up to the ones that aim for the highest return.

There are three packages available, along with a free account that lets you practice with the signals before committing any money. The price range runs from $29 a month for the starter package up to $99 for the most advanced plan.

The more expensive packages offer the most customisation options so that you can have much more influence over which signals you receive. Despite the cost, the results are excellent and 3Commas rates as a the best paid crypto signals service.


  • Automated signal service based on AI technology
  • Offers a free plan with limited features
  • Three paid plans to cater for different traders
  • Different bots available depending on your risk profile


2. TradeSanta: best crypto signals provider for beginners

TradeSanta uses cloud software to offer a super simple crypto trading bot. It’s easy to link your TradeSanta account to exchanges like Binance, OKX, and Huobi and set the limits so that it can place trades for you.

It offers signals for more than 5,000 crypto pairs and you set the trading strategy. Use one of the bot templates and get started in a few minutes, or craft your own setup using any indicator that’s available on TradingView.

There is a demo account available so you can test the system before you start using real money, and the basic $15 a month package is good value for a beginner. It rates as the cheapest trading signal platforms we surveyed, and you can set up Telegram notifications on any paid account.


  • Copy your strategy from successful bots or set your own
  • Demo account available
  • Can get started with as little as $10
  • Doesn’t store any money itself


3. ZenTradingStrategies: best crypto trading signals on Telegram

ZenTradingStategies offers signals and a great place to learn how to trade yourself. With the members only Telegram you get access to unlimited support and advice on how to trade as well as the latest signals.

As well as crypto, ZTS helps you set up trading signals on virtually any financial asset. Set up signals for stocks, forex, indices, options, bonds, or futures, as well as any crypto where the chart is available on TradingView.

The subscription cost is quite expensive, but you can get a discount if you pay annually and there is a free trial available. The trial gives you access to the full package for a week, so you can test the signals to see if they work for you.


  • Get signals for crypto, stocks, and forex
  • Algorithmic trading course available
  • Free trial available


What are crypto signals?

Crypto signals are alerts that tell you when to buy or sell a coin. They study historical performance to develop a set of reliable indicators and use these to predict price moves. Whenever the price chart of a particular digital currency pair, such as BTC/USD, is at one of those points, it sends you a signal to make a trade accordingly.

Much of the time this analysis is done by a piece of software that uses algorithms to pick out key data, such as support or resistance levels, or a breakout range. It doesn’t always have to be though, signals can also come from analysis by professional traders who choose the indicators based on their own experience.

The advantage of using a quality signals provider is that it does the research for you. Instead of you needing to have the skills and expertise to read charts and perform your own technical analysis, the signals provider does it for you and the alerts are sent automatically.

How do crypto signals work?

By sending you a message via text, email, or through a specific app such as WhatsApp or Telegram with the information in. If the system is automated then the crypto signals provider tracks indicators, such as price trends, chart patterns or moving averages and then messages you as soon as they signal a buy or sell opportunity.

In some cases you can find all-in-one providers that place the trades for you automatically as soon as a signal is received. More often you have to set up an account with a broker or exchange platform and make the trades yourself.

What should I look for in a signals provider?

You want to find a service that’s easy to use and sends you the information in a clearly understandable way. Beyond that, there are some other features that are specific to Bitcoin that you want to look out for and we’ve gone through all of them in more detail below.

Depth of information

Along with simple data such as whether it’s a buy or sell opportunity, look for a service that includes a lot more detail as well. That means ones that include a target price and an exit strategy that tells you where you should put your limit orders in at the very least.

The very best providers include even more information along with the signal. If it supplies the data the signal is based on – like a specific set of charts – you can use it to increase your own understanding of what to look out for.

Affordable price and payment method

Signals providers usually charge a monthly fee but they can vary greatly in terms of price and how you have to pay. The cheapest we have seen from a reliable platform is about $50 per month but it can range up to more than $300 at the high end. 

On top of that, some platforms only accept payment in cryptocurrency. That usually means you have to own either Bitcoin or Ethereum already to get started.

Free trials

As signal services are quite expensive, prioritise platforms that offer free trials before committing your money. Be very wary of any platform that offers free crypto signals as a matter of course, but a free trial period is a good sign. It means you can see what the signal accuracy is like and how good the provider is.

With a free demo account you can get used to the process of making trades based on their information, and avoid piling in lots of money only to find a trading system that doesn’t work as advertised.

Signals for other cryptocurrencies 

Along with Bitcoin, you might want to get signals for the other leading cryptos as well. While Bitcoin is by far the most popular coin and the easiest one to find a crypto signals provider for, it is possible to get them for the likes of Ethereum and Dogecoin as well. If you’re looking for altcoin signals then that is going to be a lot more difficult.

History of good performance

Verifiable history of success is a good indicator of a trading signal provider you can rely on. While it’s no guarantee that the service will keep performing at a high level, transparency is an important feature and can help you filter out the less reputable signal providers.

Signals Telegram accounts

Most crypto signal platforms these days send alerts via a dedicated Telegram channel. When you sign up to a service, you get access to the crypto signals Telegram group. That means not only do you need to download the Telegram app, but you should expect to receive alerts that way from any reputable platform.

Additional features

If you’re interested in using signals to trade other assets, like forex, then a service that offers that as well could tip the balance. Similarly, a service that offers signals based on longer term data rather than simply as day trading advice could be useful as well.

Quick answers to key questions

What are the fees for crypto signals?

Expect to pay around $15-25 per month for a beginner package. The fees vary widely across platforms but most starter subscriptions are between $15 and $25. More advanced packages with more features can cost between $50 and $100 per month.

How reliable are trading signals?

It depends on the platform but the best signals are a good addition to any trading arsenal. No service will ever be completely accurate and cryptocurrency is inherently more volatile and less predictable than other asset classes. The best approach can be to use signals along with your own research to guide your trading strategy.

Can I get free crypto trading signals?

There are some free platforms but you should be wary of ones that offer incredible results for free. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is, and this is very often the case with providers that offer free crypto trading signals. 

An alternative way to get free signals as opposed to paying for cryptocurrency trading signals is to use a social media account like Twitter to find traders you like. Often you’ll find that they offer a free Telegram signal group that you only need to subscribe to in order to receive alerts when they find a position of interest.

These Telegram channels can be hit and miss, as they’re managed by real people rather than an automated trading bot and it’s difficult to verify past performance. However, some traders that offer the occasional free crypto signals and then the rest are hidden behind a VIP signals Telegram channel that you have to pay to subscribe to. This is a little more risky than a web-based signals provider but isn’t materially different from using a demo account to practice before signing up.

Can I get rich trading crypto signals?

It’s possible but, like any trading strategy, true success usually takes a lot of time and effort. Crypto trading signals can help you become a better trader by notifying you to take specific actions but they aren’t going to make you a millionaire overnight. You should always use things like stop-losses and get into the habit of taking profit in order to grow your money over time.

What’s the difference between a trading alert and a trading signal?

An alert is usually just a price notification, while a trade signal represents advice to buy or sell a cryptocurrency based on a specific piece of market data. You can use both as part of your trading strategies and price alerts are a very basic sort of indicator themselves, for example, you could use them if your plan is to buy when the price drops below a certain point.

Get started with crypto signals – a step by step guide

It’s simple to start using cryptocurrency signals to influence your trades. Here is a quick guide to help you get everything set up and start making moves.

  1. Sign up for a crypto broker. To place trades you need to set up an account with a reputable broker. Brokers make it easy to buy or sell cryptocurrency and come with a range of different features depending on the platform. You should prioritise low trading fees when you’re choosing the best crypto broker for you.
  2. Subscribe to a crypto signals service. These services usually come with a fee that you have to pay before you can gain access to their signals. Normally you can choose to pay weekly, monthly, or annually. Occasionally one might charge a one-off fee upfront, and the odd crypto signals provider is free.
  3. Download any apps you need to receive crypto signals. While some signals are dispatched via text message or email, crypto trading signal providers often send them via a secure messaging app such as a Telegram channel. Make sure you can access the app to receive the signals.
  4. Make trades based on the signals’ advice. This is as simple as following the advice in the trading signal. It should include relevant information that it has gleaned from analysing market trends, such as the trade size, the position (buy or sell), and a target price that it expects Bitcoin to reach. Use that to place your trade through a broker.
  5. Place limit orders (optional). The best crypto trading signal providers also include information about where to place stop-loss or take-profit orders. These are trades you place in advance that only execute when the price reaches a certain level. We highly recommend you use them to lock in profits and minimise the risk of losses in case there are big price moves in either direction.

Should I use signals to trade cryptocurrency?

The best way to use crypto signals is as part of your overall trading strategy. Whether automated or manual, trading signals do a lot of the hard work for you in identifying opportunities and are a great option if you don’t have the time or expertise to do the research yourself. In that respect, they’re a great option for beginners and experienced traders alike.

However, even the best crypto trading signals are an expensive way to trade as you have to commit to a substantial monthly fee to get them. Using them for a short time to understand how they research the signals and to get to grips with the crypto market might be the best approach.

Still undecided?

You should always take some time to think about any investment and whether or not to use crypto signals is no different. To help you make a final decision, here is a summary of the pros and cons of using them.


  • Crypto signals are a great way to get simple and actionable trading advice
  • They’re ideal for beginners who want to learn the ropes as well as for professional traders looking to save time
  • You can get real time crypto signals that tell you when to make trades
  • Stop loss and limit advice can help minimise your risk
  • Signal providers perform technical analysis automatically so you don’t have to


Where can I learn more about crypto?

We have lots of resources right here on Invezz. We have plenty of useful guides that teach you the basics of cryptocurrency, how to buy it, and the different investment options available. Otherwise, go right ahead and sign up to a crypto signals provider to test it out.

Methodology: how we chose the best crypto trading signals

We asked our expert panel to perform a series of tests on each crypto signal provider. Those tests included signing up for a demo account, setting up the signal service, and executing trades based on the trading signals to see how profitable the system was.

After a few rounds of testing, each expert rated the signal providers they felt performed best. We compiled their rankings along with some additional research into online customer reviews and the customer support options, in order to create a final list of the top crypto signal providers.


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