Solana price prediction 2022 and beyond

Solana is a cryptocurrency project that shot onto the scene in 2021, and it aims to rival the powerhouse that is Ethereum in the near future. On this page, we provide our Solana price forecast for the next decade.
Updated: May 9, 2022

Solana price predictions

Most analysts expect the Solana price to keep increasing, going above $200 in the short term and above $1000 in the next couple of years. Our experts combined an average of the top expert predictions with their own knowledge of the market to create an estimated price trajectory over the next decade.

YearAverage price prediction
An average of expert opinion on the future price of Solana, updated October 2022

Expert forecasts on the future of Solana

A rough average of all the expert predictions suggests the price of SOL could hit over $3,000 in the next decade, though some experts are even more bullish. Here is a selection of some of the most noteworthy views.

Solana will be the most prominent alternative to Ethereum and Ethereum layer 2s in hosting DeFi. This is a huge market to be captured and SOL price may reflect this”

Joshua Fraser, Origin Protocol

We think that SOL is one of a few smart contract-based blockchains that have the technical architecture that will be difficult for Ethereum to compete with on the basis of transaction speed and transaction cost. For smart contract usage, especially in DeFi, these factors are a critical success indicator,”

Gavin Smith, Panxora Crypto

There is a lot of potential here and I expect steady growth, but this may well come from new users rather than stealing market share,” Levy is quoted as saying by numerous crypto news outlets.

Paul Levy, University of Brighton

Solana scales better than Ether and already has staking.”

Daniel Cawrey, Cypherpunk Holdings

Where can I trade Solana?

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Solana crypto price prediction 2022

What will Solana be worth in 2022? The vast majority of Solana experts expect its price to be above $400 in 2022. Some forecasters believe $500 and even $600 is feasible with sustained momentum and minimal regulatory interference.

Solana price prediction 2023

What will Solana be worth in 2023? From 2023 on the price is expected to climb above $1000. In large part, this is down to the fact that by 2023, the total size of the crypto market is expected to reach $11 trillion according to analyst Benjamin Cowen’s use of logarithm regression.

Solana price prediction 2024

What will Solana be worth in 2024? By 2024, Solana is predicted to reach a value of more than $1,200 and continue its rise, consolidating gains achieved in 2023.

Solana price prediction 2025

What will Solana be worth in 2025? In 2025, some analysts expect Solana to surge towards the $3,000 mark. This is also based on the idea that it could rival Ethereum and a similar price trajectory would see it hitting top gear around 2025.

Solana price prediction 2030

What will Solana be worth in 2030? Expert predictions range from the low thousands to as much as $20,000 by 2030. Although it is worth considering that the future of crypto is very uncertain and it is difficult to create a projection for such a distant time in an industry that is changing all the time.

What affects the price of Solana?

The price of Solana is affected by a wide variety of factors, both fundamental and technical. Solana’s potential as a blockchain that can offer powerful decentralised finance platforms and host NFTs is important, as are more technical factors like psychological levels of support.

The fundamentals

The most important fundamental factor with Solana is its potential to offer a better platform than Ethereum. If it can attract developers to build on the platform, by offering more flexibility and faster speeds, then it could experience a similar price path to its better-known rival.

The flip side to that is whether its security can hold up to scrutiny. There have been a couple of high profile network outages and it has identified some bugs within its system. With so many competitors, beyond just Ethereum, a failure of technology would have a significant impact on the price.

The technicals

Technical analysis is the process of reading candlestick charts that show how Solana’s price has changed over time, and using that information to try to predict the future. While the fundamentals tell you whether Solana is a good project or not, the technical factors can demonstrate when the right time to purchase is based on the going market price of SOL.

One major telltale sign of price action is trading volume. In the world of crypto, which is largely driven by market sentiment, trading volume often correlates with an upward move in a coin’s price, meaning that if you lack the ability to carry out a thorough technical analysis of the data, you can still get an idea of what is happening and make a rough Solana prediction.

Key levels to watch

Having already reached an all-time high of $260 in 2021, the next important resistance level in the short term is $300. Once this psychological barrier is breached, it seems likely that crypto investors will pile in and $500 will be the next target in mind.

As for support levels, Solana has managed to consistently trade above $200 for a significant portion of 2021. It takes a lot of trading volume to break through support or resistance levels, though once they are broken, they flip to become the opposite, and more dramatic price swings become likelier to occur.

Solana price history

The last half of 2021 is where Solana saw its biggest gains. It’s value increased by over 800% before hitting its highest ever price at around $250. However, 2022 has seen a slow decline back below $100. The chart below shows how it’s price has changed over time.

Source: TradingView

Is SOL a good long-term investment?

Solana has been one of the most eye-catching crypto stories of recent times, surging from nowhere to become one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies. The coin has significant momentum behind it, and given its potential uses and the large community it has established in such a short time period, it could be a good long-term investment.

If you believe blockchain technology is set to revolutionise traditional finance (TradFi) and the rest of the online world, Solana could be a good long-term play thanks to its fast transactions and high scalability. Spectators will just be hoping the network doesn’t go down again because this would lead to serious doubts regarding its security.

Key takeaways

So, broadly, expect the price of SOL to rise over the next few months, followed by a bull run alongside the rest of the crypto market to over $400 by the end of 2022. Thereafter, $800-$1,000 in 2023, $1,200 in 2024, $2000-$3000 in 2025, and over $5,000 by 2030 are all realistic price forecasts for SOL.

Recent Solana news

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