How & where to buy Starlink (STARL) online

Starlink is a blockchain-based game set in a virtual universe known as the STARL metaverse. Learn about how and where to buy STARL in this beginners' guide.
Updated: Sep 12, 2022

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On this page we explore the STARL metaverse. We look at its cryptocurrency token, what you can do with it, and explore whether now is a good time to buy. 

If you’re looking to buy some coins right away check out the brokers in the table below. They have been selected by our crypto experts and are some of the top places around to buy cryptocurrencies. If you want to learn more about Starlink, continue reading.

Step 1. Find an exchange

For most cryptocurrencies the easiest way to buy coins is to register with an exchange. An exchange is a platform where you can buy and sell coins from other traders. For some coins like STARL you can’t use a normal exchange at the moment and you have to use Uniswap. In order to use Uniswap you have to buy a cryptocurrency like ETH first and you can do that on these exchanges:

  • Binance: Binance is one of the top rated exchanges around and the most popular for cryptocurrencies. It has a simple to use platform and hundreds of coins available to buy. Sign up with Binance >
  • Bittrex: Easy to use, with the most popular coins and many altcoins, Bittrex is one of the most secure crypto exchanges around and a great place to buy crypto to swap for STARL. Sign up with Bittrex >

Step 2. Sign up and fund your account

Once you’ve chosen your exchange you’ll need to register an account before you can buy crypto (learn how to buy cryptocurrencies in this guide). This is a simple process but you will need some form of ID to verify your identity. Sometimes it can take a few days for the exchange to verify your account so you’ll need to keep that in mind. Once verified you can deposit some money and you’re ready to buy. 

Step 3. Purchase

Now you’re ready to buy your coins. Search for the ticker symbol STARL on the exchange. You will have a choice of what crypto you want to use to buy the coins. Usually you can swap BTC or ETH for any tokens you want to buy. 

Step 4. (Optional) Get a suitable wallet

You can use a wallet to store your coins, although this isn’t always necessary. Most exchanges let you store your coins with them, but if you want added security or have a lot of coins you may want to consider using a wallet. There are lots of wallets available and below you can find two of the top ones around. 

  • Keep Key: Keep Key lets you store your coins completely offline. Its a hardware wallet and like a USB stick. One of its best features is it protects your coins even if you plug it into an infected computer. Sign up with Keep Key >
  • Coinbase wallet: You probably already have heard of Coinbase for its exchange, but it also offers a mobile wallet. You can store a range of coins on your phone using the Coinbase wallet and you don’t even have to register an account. Sign up with Coinbase wallet >

Step 1. Find a broker

If you want to trade Starlink throughout the day and profit from small price fluctuations, using an online broker will be your best option. Using a broker like eToro or Plus500 lets you trade a range of crypto currencies against each other. As Starlink isn’t as mainstream as others, it’s not available to trade on any brokers, although that might change in the future. 

Step 2. Create an account and deposit money

You will have to register an account with a broker and then deposit money. You can only deposit using fiat currencies like GBP, USD, and EUR. Once deposits are made you’re ready to start trading. But before you do, make sure to check the fees and commissions the broker charges, as they can add up quickly if you trade frequently. 

Step 3. Learn how to perform technical analysis

When it comes to short term trading, technical analysis usually plays a big role in helping you analyse the market. Technical analysis consists of lots of aspects, although two of the most common ones are identifying key price levels and using indicators. If you want to learn more about technical analysis, you can check out our free course. 

Step 4. Decide whether to go long or short

You can use your technical analysis of STARLs price chart to decide whether to go long (buy) or short (sell) the coin. If you identify a support level that its price is heading towards, you may consider buying. While if its price is heading to a resistance level, you could think about selling. 

Step 5. Make the trade

Placing a trade is a simple process although there’s a few things to make sure you get right as any mistakes at this stage could prove to be costly. First you will need to decide how much you want to buy or sell. Then it’s a case of clicking the order button and your trade is live. It’s a good idea to use a stop loss to protect your trade if it goes against you.

If you believe in the future of the metaverse and virtual gaming, then you should consider investing in Starlink. Its developers claim it’s the first 100% community owned virtual space project and it has already amassed a loyal following with tens of thousands of  active holders. To participate in the platform, users need to buy its native token, STARL. 

For example, you can buy, sell, and trade satellites and other virtual real estate using STARL coins. Avatar upgrades and customisation is also possible, as is advertising and gambling. Another feature Starlink incorporates is the buying and selling of NFTs using its token as currency. 

Similar to other crypto projects, Starlink is part of the metaverse trend which was made popular when Facebook changed its name to Meta. The ultimate goal is for the platform to merge real world space and virtual reality concepts; through entertainment, gaming, education, and advertising. The metaverse is a growing phenomenon and investing in crypto associated with it could be an easy way to ride the anticipated boom. 

Still undecided?

If you are still not sure whether to invest in STARL, we’ve provided a handy pros and cons list below. Further down the page we’ve also included answers to other questions to help you decide.


  • Easy access to the metaverse which is not only popular, but expected to rapidly grow in coming years. 
  • The STARL coin can be used for more than just speculation. Buying, selling, and trading items on the Starlink platform are just a few of its uses. 
  • To participate in the platform, users need to buy its native token.


Below we’ve answered a few questions for you to consider before investing in Starlink. 

If you’re a long term investor then yes, it could be a good time to buy Starlink. Buying STARL coins could be a good way to get in early on metaverse projects. If the platform goes on to grow its userbase, the value of its real estate and coin might only increase over time. However, the risks in the metaverse being a bubble needs to be considered. 

For short term traders, there’s a few more things to look at before buying. Conducting technical analysis of STARL is a good place to start. As is reading its price chart and finding support or resistance levels. To help you along, our team of crypto experts have provided some analysis of their own which you can read on the links below.

Starlink is a cryptocurrency gaming project that brings decentralised virtual space development to reality within the STARL metaverse. Although Starlink doesn’t necessarily solve any problems, it does offer many features and tools lots of people use for entertainment. 

Users are able to build and buy virtual real estate on the Starlink station while navigating through the solar system. Virtual land owners can sell advertising and avatars can be customised among a host of other features. All of this can be achieved through the use of its native token, STARL. 

Starlink has its own metaverse which many see as the future of the internet. Although its investment prospects depend on its ability to grow its community. Competition from the likes of Decetraland (MANA) may also hinder its growth prospects. You can keep up to date with the platform and its latest news by using any of the links below.

If you want to join the Starlink platform and explore space through virtual reality, then you should hold Starlnk for the long term. If your investment time frame is shorter and you’re considering its coin to day trade,  then there’s more to think about. Below we’ve briefly covered what you need to consider for both the long and short term. 

Considerations for a long term investment strategy

Buying STARL coins is a good idea if you plan on holding them for a long time. But, before you do, you’ll need to sign up with a cryptocurrency exchange. You may also want to think about using a wallet to store your tokens. 

Considerations for a short term trading strategy

If you prefer to trade STARL coins using short term strategies you’ll need to register with a broker. One thing to consider is finding a broker that has low trading fees. You should also learn how to perform technical analysis to give you the best chance of profiting.

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