Tiger King (TKING) – All you need to know

What is Tiger King coin?

It’s a cryptocurrency that’s endorsed by the star of the Netflix documentary ‘Tiger King’, Joe Exotic. At the moment the coin is a purely speculative trading asset that wants to raise money to pay Exotic’s legal bills and, allegedly, help fund animal conservation efforts and children’s hospitals.

Launched in the summer of 2021, the coin is mainly a marketing ploy released in response to another cryptocurrency that’s come about as a result of the show. That’s the CAT coin, released by Joe Exotic’s nemesis, and the woman he tried to hire a hitman to kill, Carole Baskin.

Along with the Tiger King coin itself, known as TKING, a CUB coin was launched at the same time. CUB is the one that’s meant to fund donations to local children’s hospitals, but details about how it works and the breakdown of how much is actually going to go towards good causes are thin on the ground.

How does Tiger King coin work?

Like any other cryptocurrency, it works by tracking the movement of money on a blockchain. That’s a public ledger that replaces a central authority like a bank, and is able to approve transactions as well as keep a history of them.

There are few other details about how the Tiger King coin works. We know that it’s deflationary, which means that the overall supply (which started with a trillion coins) will steadily reduce over time. It’s able to achieve this by ‘burning’, or destroying, 1% of the total on every transaction.

There is a roadmap for how the coin might develop in future. That includes things like selling merchandise and non-fungible tokens, which would also go towards Joe Exotic’s defence team. Again, however, details about how it might work in practice are scarce.

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