Best ZK-Rollup coins of 2022

ZK-Rollup coins are attached to projects that provide secure, fast, and reliable transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Read on to learn more about the best ZK-Rollup coins available today.
Updated: Nov 10, 2022
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This page picks out the best coins that use ZK-Rollup technology and explains what makes them an exciting investment opportunity. Read on to learn more about each coin and why they were chosen.

What are ZK-Rollup coins and why are they so important?

ZK-Rollup coins belong to ZK-Rollup platforms, which are ecosystems and applications that aim to achieve a variety of goals from faster payment systems. These can be things like increasing the number of transactions a blockchain can process and providing greater network security and privacy for ecosystems, all using zero-knowledge cryptography.

Zero-knowledge Rollups (ZK-Rollups) are able to grab thousands of transactions and roll them into one, single transaction. The ZK-Rollup smart contract will then analyse and verify the transactions. This scheme cuts transaction fees, makes transactions faster and provides extra security.

ZK-Rollups on the Ethereum blockchain are known as layer 2 implementations. A layer 2 is a secondary framework that is developed on top of an existing blockchain, or a layer 1. For example, Ethereum is a layer 1, the ZK-Rollup project Syscoin is a layer 2 because it is built on top of Ethereum and uses the Ethereum blockchain to work.

Top 5 ZK-Rollup coins to invest in

Our experts have been through the markets to choose the best ZK-Rollup coins available right now. You can find the coins in the table below, or read on for a brief summary of each coin’s purpose along with what makes it unique.  

#Coin symbolCoin nameInvest Now
5IMXImmutable X
List selected by our team of analysts, updated June 10th 2022

Here are the best ZK rollup cryptocurrencies in 2022:

1. Syscoin (SYS)

Syscoin is a blockchain where miners can mine both Bitcoin and Syscoin simultaneously, a concept that is also known as merge-mining. Syscoin itself can be staked to earn rewards and in the future, users would most likely need Syscoin to pay transaction fees.

The Syscoin blockchain takes advantage of Bitcoin’s security and combines it with Ethereum’s dApp abilities to create a robust chain that chooses the best parts of both blockchains. Another interesting element of Syscoin are its ZK-Rollups.

Using zero-knowledge proofs, Syscoin will be able to handle more transactions on the network and provide greater interoperability with other networks. Combining Syscoin’s and ZK-Rollups make Syscoin a very unique project.

2. Mute (MUTE)

Mute will be a decentralised exchange that utilizes zero-knowledge cryptography to enable fast, private transactions between users. Mute has only been around since March 2021 but is already making a name for itself amongst ZK-Rollup circles.  

The trading/swap platform known as “Mute Switch” will run on the Ethereum blockchain and aim to become a privatised, quicker, and more technologically advanced version of Uniswap.

Mute’s token is called $MUTE, users can stake their $MUTE to earn transaction fees from the exchange. Mute has a secondary token called $VOICE. Voice is a governance coin for users who wish to participate in the Mute ecosystem and vote on proposals or create proposals themselves.

3. Loopring (LRC)

The Loopring platform is an open-source decentralised exchange and payment protocol. Loopring is built on the Ethereum blockchain and employs ZK-Rollups to provide quick, low fee transactions for users.

On the Loopring platform, users can securely and even privately trade various available assets and provide liquidity with speed and efficiency. Along with all of the above, Loopring is a decentralised exchange that gives users full control of their funds, as a result, Loopring has been a popular platform for many Ethereum users.

Loopring continues to evolve and develop. Currently, Loopring is still in beta, but developments are moving quickly and, in the future, it seems Loopring will be offering a lot more to users. Learn how to buy Loopring now.

4. Hermez (HEZ)

Hermez is an open-source payment network on the Ethereum blockchain that enables users to send and receive payments securely with low transaction fees and high speeds by using ZK-Rollups to batch thousands of transactions into one batch.  

The Hermez token called $HEZ can mainly be used to help validate transactions on the network and pay for transaction fees. Hermez chooses validators through a virtual auction. Validators are rewarded in $HEZ and 40% of a validators successful bid in an auction is sent to the Ethereum developer community. 

In 2021, Hermez was acquired by Polygon and rebranded as Polygon Hermez. As a result, the Polygon token $MATIC and $HEZ are integrated and can be swapped freely on the Hermez website. Since Hermez is a part of the growing Polygon ecosystem, interesting developments on the Hermez network may be revealed in the future. 

5. Immutable X (IMX)

Immutable X uses zero-knowledge cryptographic methods to create a fast, low fee and secure marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users are also given the ability to create their own NFTs on the platform which will all be 100% carbon neutral.

The platform runs on the Ethereum blockchain and boasts zero trading fees for peer-to-peer trading, efficient scalability, and the ability to create NFTs in bulk and be able to trade them instantly after their creation.

Immutable X can be used to create a range of applications and not just NFTs. Immutable X’s goal of providing carbon-neutral NFT creation is impressive and could be an industry standard in the future. 

How and where can I buy ZK-Rollup coins now? 

The easiest way to buy ZK-Rollup coins is to sign up for a crypto exchange or brokerage. After creating an account you can then add funds to your account and use your funds to purchase your chosen ZK-Rollup coin. Below are some of our recommended brokerages and exchanges followed by a step-by-step guide to purchasing ZK-Rollup coins. 

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5 easy steps to buy ZK-Rollup coins

To purchase your first ZK-Rollup coin simply follow the steps below.

  1. Choose an exchange. ZK-Rollup coins and other cryptocurrencies can be bought on a cryptocurrency exchange. You can use the table above to see our recommended cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers.
  2. Create an account. You must then create an account on your chosen exchange to use their services. All that’s required to set up an account is some basic contact information and your ID.
  3. Deposit funds. You need to deposit funds into your exchange account to be able to purchase coins from the market. This can be done through a bank transfer using your debit/credit card or by using PayPal.
  4. Purchase a ZK-Rollup coin. Search for the coin that you would like to buy then enter the number of coins that you’d like to obtain.
  5. Confirm the order. You must click the buy button to confirm the trade. The coins that you bought will be added to your exchange wallet within a few seconds or minutes.

Before investing in ZK-Rollup coins 

Here are some pros and cons that come with investing in ZK-Rollup coins. Use them to help you decide which coins are best for you, or keep reading to find a more detailed examination of the benefits and risks.


  • The narrative behind ZK-Rollups and their use in the future of cryptocurrencies are huge.
  • ZK-Rollups are an important part of Ethereum’s need to take on more transactions and lower trading fees.
  • ZK-Rollups contribute to making the blockchain more environmentally sustainable by reducing the amount of energy required to verify transactions.


Benefits of investing in ZK-Rollup coins

ZK-Rollup coins are great investments as they’re becoming the backbone of many blockchain ecosystems and platforms. Zero-knowledge cryptography could become a staple addition for any blockchain that’s created in the future. As for Ethereum, the network is already implementing zero-knowledge schemes into its blockchain, along with layer 2’s.

It’s still relatively early days for ZK-Rollups but things can change quickly. As an investor you’ll be investing in up-and-coming tech in the crypto world and the ZK-Rollup coins you buy will go through many developments and changes. 

Risks of investing in ZK-Rollup coins

There are many new ZK-Rollup coins appearing regularly. It’s easy to become disillusioned and distracted by so many projects trying to offer similar things or claiming to have solved something in zero-knowledge cryptography that may not actually be true.

ZK-Rollup projects move quickly and competition is fierce. There can be a problem of certain projects underperforming or slowly dying from lack of interest because a different project is ahead technologically. Another issue is that many concepts in ZK-Rollup projects can be hard for the average investor to understand fully and this can make the space seem a little alienating. 

How can I find the best ZK-Rollup prospects?

Keep on the lookout for upcoming ZK-Rollup projects by following crypto news here on Invezz or signing up for Twitter and following Invezz there. You can also search around for layer 2 Ethereum projects since layer 2 coins almost always utilise ZK-Rollups or Zero-knowledge cryptography in some way.

Final Thoughts

ZK-Rollups will bring scalability, fast transactions, and low fees to Ethereum users. Outside of Ethereum, ZK-Rollups can be used to create new applications and blockchains built from the ground up using zero-knowledge cryptography to make extremely efficient blockchains that may not exist yet or are currently being created at this very moment.

It’s an exciting time in the crypto world and ZK-Rollups bring another layer of excitement and speculation to what the future may look like not only in crypto but for technology as a whole.

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