Chairman’s report

Chairman’s report is a formal document presented by the chairman of the board of directors to shareholders at the company’s annual general meeting (AGM). It provides an overview of the company’s performance, strategic direction, key achievements, and future outlook.
Updated: Jun 5, 2024

3 key takeaways

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  • The chairman’s report offers a comprehensive summary of the company’s performance over the past year and outlines strategic priorities for the future.
  • It is an essential communication tool that enhances transparency, builds investor confidence, and provides insights into the board’s perspective on company operations.
  • The report typically includes financial highlights, significant achievements, market conditions, challenges faced, and strategic initiatives.

What is a chairman’s report?

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The chairman’s report is a crucial component of the annual report of a company. It is prepared by the chairman of the board and is addressed to the shareholders. The report covers various aspects of the company’s activities, including financial performance, strategic goals, major developments, and future plans. It serves to inform shareholders and other stakeholders about the company’s progress and the board’s vision for the future.

Key components of the chairman’s report:

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  • Introduction: A brief opening statement from the chairman, setting the tone for the report.
  • Financial Performance: Summary of key financial metrics and results, highlighting significant trends and comparisons with previous years.
  • Strategic Achievements: Overview of major accomplishments and milestones reached during the year.
  • Market Conditions: Analysis of the economic and market environment and its impact on the company’s operations.
  • Challenges and Risks: Discussion of challenges faced by the company and the strategies adopted to address them.
  • Future Outlook: Insights into the board’s strategic priorities and plans for the coming year.
  • Acknowledgments: Recognition of contributions from employees, management, shareholders, and other stakeholders.


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A chairman’s report for a technology company might include a review of the company’s financial performance, such as revenue growth and profit margins, significant product launches or technological advancements, an analysis of market trends in the tech industry, challenges like regulatory changes or supply chain disruptions, and a strategic roadmap for expanding into new markets or investing in R&D.

Importance of the chairman’s report

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  • Transparency and Accountability: Enhances transparency by providing shareholders with a clear and honest assessment of the company’s performance and strategic direction.
  • Investor Confidence: Builds investor confidence by demonstrating the board’s commitment to effective governance and long-term value creation.
  • Strategic Communication: Serves as a strategic communication tool to align shareholders and stakeholders with the company’s vision and goals.

Advantages and disadvantages of the chairman’s report

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  • Comprehensive Overview: Provides a holistic view of the company’s performance and strategic direction, enhancing stakeholder understanding.
  • Accountability: Holds the board accountable to shareholders by reporting on progress and future plans.
  • Investor Relations: Strengthens investor relations by maintaining open and transparent communication.


  • Potential Bias: The report may reflect the chairman’s perspective and could be overly positive, potentially downplaying challenges.
  • Limited Detail: May not provide in-depth details on specific operational aspects, leaving some stakeholders wanting more information.
  • Timeliness: As it is an annual report, it may not address more immediate or recent developments in the company’s operations.

Real-world application

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Chairman’s reports are used in various sectors to communicate with shareholders and stakeholders. For example, a chairman’s report in the banking sector might focus on financial stability, regulatory compliance, and strategic initiatives like digital transformation. In the healthcare sector, the report might highlight advancements in medical research, patient care improvements, and responses to public health challenges.

The report is typically included in the company’s annual report and is presented at the AGM, where shareholders have the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications on the information provided.

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  • Annual report
  • Board of directors
  • Corporate governance
  • Shareholder communication
  • Financial performance
  • Strategic planning

Understanding the chairman’s report is essential for investors and stakeholders as it provides valuable insights into the company’s performance, strategic direction, and the board’s vision for the future. It is a key document for assessing the company’s progress and making informed investment decisions.

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