Best Beer ETFs to buy in 2022

Beer companies have been long regarded as consistent performers in all economic climates. This guide picks the top beer ETFs for the coming year.
By: Prash Raval
Prash Raval
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Updated: Jan 22, 2022

The beer industry has been around for years and companies in this sector have generated growth and dividends for investors in all market conditions. Investing in beer ETFs offers easy access to this popular beverage market. Our beginners guide picks the top beer ETFs for the year ahead and tells you where to buy them.  

What are the top Beer ETFs to buy?

As many beer companies also operate in other sectors, there is no ETF that exclusively contains pure play beer stocks. However, there are some that offer exposure to the best beer companies which our expert analysts have listed in the table below.

#ETF symbolETF name
1VICEAdvisorShares Vice ETF
2PBJInvesco Dynamic Food and Beverage ETF
3FTXGFirst Trust Nasdaq Food and Beverage
List chosen by our team of analysts, updated 06th December 2021

1. AdvisorShares Vice ETF  (NYSEARCA: VICE)

AdvisorShares is an actively managed ETF and does not follow a traditional index-tracking strategy. Its fund manager has direct control over its holdings allowing for quicker and more opportunistic adjustments. It invests in companies that operate in ‘vice’ industries including alcohol, tobacco, and gaming, 

Alcohol businesses make up the largest sector allocation of VICE, with nearly one third of the ETF belonging to this industry. Beer companies are especially prominent in its holdings with a total of five: Constellation Brands, Molson Coors, The Boston Beer Company, ABInBev, and Diageo. 

A total of 40 stocks make up this ETF and it has a fairly equal weighting across the board. It takes top spot on our list as it offers an easy way to invest in the top beer stocks from around the world and has shown it can hold up well in tough economic climates. This was seen during the pandemic when over 100% was added to its value.  

2. Invesco Dynamic Food and Beverage ETF (NYSEARCA: PBJ)

PBJ seeks to track the Dynamic Food & Beverage Intellidex index and is composed of 30 US based companies. These companies are engaged in the manufacture, sale or distribution of food and beverage products. There is only one company that is in the beer industry in this ETF, however it is in its top three holdings. 

Constellation Brands is one of PBJs top holdings and is the fastest growing, large consumer goods company in the U.S. It owns multiple beer brands including Corona, Modelo Especia, and Funky Buddah. It’s the largest importer of beer into the United States and has the third largest market share of all major beers supplied. 

Although PBJ only has a small focus on the beer industry in terms of holdings, it does offer investors access to a well performing beer company while covering the wider food and beverage market. Since its inception in 2005, it has grown in value by nearly 200% and has delivered steady growth.

3. First Trust Nasdaq Food and Beverage  (NASDAQ: FTXG)

The final ETF on our list goes to the First Trust Nasdaq Food and Beverage. FTXG tracks the performance of an index called the Nasdaq US Smart Food and Beverage. It selects 30 of the most liquid eligible companies from the index and ranks them according to volatility, value, and growth. 

It contains three beer stocks among its holdings: Constellation Brands, Molson Coors Brewing, and The Boston Beer Company. Molson Coors has a portfolio of some of the most recognisable beers in the world including, Coors, Miller, Fosters, and Sol. The Boston Beer Company is best known for Samual Adams, while Constellation produces Corona. 

The Nasdaq Food and Beverage has a stronger weighting towards food producing companies and some of its largest holdings are The Hersheys Company, Tyson Foods, and General Mills. Although no beer companies feature heavily in its allocation, its inclusion of three of the largest gives investors exposure to some of the biggest players in the sector.

Where to buy the best Beer ETFs

Buying and selling ETFs can be done in the same way as stocks. That means before investing you’ll need to register with a broker. The table below shows some of the top rated platforms for ETFs. Click through to the links to sign up in a few minutes. 

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What is a Beer ETF?

An ETF is an exchange traded fund that is available to buy on a stock exchange. Each fund is designed to track the performance of a particular index or industry. There are currently no beer specific ETFs, however there are some which contain the best beer stocks which have been included in our list above. 

Are Beer ETFs a good investment?

Investing in ETFs that have exposure to the beer industry could make a good investment. Beer companies have been some of the most stable and steady growing businesses for the past few decades, although the past few years have seen a lull in growth. But, as the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, demand is set to rise. 

There are no specific beer ETFs and in order to invest in the beer industry via an exchange traded fund, will require exposure to the wider food and beverage sector. The funds we have listed above give easy access to some of the largest beer producers in the world. 

It’s important to weigh up your options prior to investing and conducting fundamental analysis on the beer sector is a good place to start. If you want the latest news and market analysis, click any of the links below. 

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