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About the Nasdaq Helsinki Stock Exchange

The Nasdaq Helsinki (formerly known as the Helsinki Stock Exchange) attracts investments from Asia, Europe, and the US. Located in Finland, it is known as one of the safest stock exchanges in the world, which is why foreigners own nearly half of the shares that are currently being traded on the exchange. Unlike certain other countries, China and the UK being among them, Finland has proven to be highly resilient within the current climate of global uncertainty. This has meant that for some traders, the companies traded on the Nasdaq Helsinki have become the new safe haven for investments.  

On this page, you’ll find the history of the Nasdaq Helsinki/Helsinki Stock Exchange, relevant indices that track its performance, and a breakdown of the stocks listed on the exchange.

About the Nasdaq Helsinki

A brief history
What are the main indices that track the performance of the Nasdaq Helsinki?
How many stocks are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki?

Latest Nasdaq Helsinki Stock Exchange news

30th April
Nokia’s revenue falls 2% in Q1 as Coronavirus disrupts supply chain in China
27th February
Nokia outperforms European technology shares index on hopes of mergers and acquisitions
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