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About the London Stock Exchange

The leading stock exchange in the UK is the London Stock Exchange. Currently overseen by CEO David Schwimmer, the London Stock Exchange has a rich history that began in 1973. The most prominent index of the London Stock Exchange is the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE), and this is usually regarded as the benchmark index for tracking the UK economy.

Located in the City of London, the London Stock Exchange offers cost-efficient and easy access to some of the biggest and most liquid pools of capital in the world. The London Stock Exchange is known to be the most international of all the stock exchanges, with thousands of companies listed from more than sixty countries worldwide.

This page will take you through key information about the London Stock Exchange, including a summary of its history, companies listed on the exchange, and information about the stocks traded.

About the London Stock Exchange

A brief history
What are the main indices that track the performance of the London Stock Exchange?
How many stocks are listed on the London Stock Exchange?

Top 20 companies by volume

Name & symbol Prev Close Volume Change
696.94M + (+0%)
651.92M + (+0%)
399.84M + (+0%)
359.59M + (+0%)
0.32 267.08M -0.01 (-3.13%)
224.36M + (+0%)
0.01 181.77M +0 (+0%)
176.45M + (+0%)
152.08M + (+0%)
148.48M + (+0%)
147.92M + (+0%)
112.76M + (+0%)
99.77M + (+0%)
92.50M + (+0%)
69.01M + (+0%)
67.01M + (+0%)
1.18 62.39M -0.02 (-1.7%)
1.29 62.38M +0.01 (+0.78%)
0.41 60.09M +0 (+0%)
51.96M + (+0%)

Latest London Stock Exchange news

3rd July
London stocks end lower as the U.S. reports a record increase in COVID-19 cases
3rd July
HSBC cites low returns as it discontinues its industrial metals business
3rd July
Land Securities to reinstate dividend as demand recovers quickly at its shopping centres
2nd July
Primark boasts encouraging sales as it pulls out of the Coronavirus lockdown
2nd July
Meggitt warns of a 15% decline in H1 organic revenue as COVID-19 weighs on demand
2nd July
Mitchells & Butlers swings to a £121 million loss in H1 as COVID-19 shuts stores
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