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About the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) is one of the leading stock exchanges in Tokyo, Japan. Its story dates back to 1878 when the then Finance Minister of Japan, Ōkuma Shigenobu teamed up with the capitalist advocate Shibusawa Eiichi to commence trading in securities.

It dominates the Asian market with over 2,300 listed companies. In 2012, the exchange entered a merger with Osaka Securities Exchange after obtaining approval by the Japanese Fair Trade Commission, which led to its re-launch in 2013. Despite hurdles with technological bugs, the exchange has continued to remain significant in the stock markets globally.


Latest Tokyo Stock Exchange news

12th May
Toyota forecasts an 80% decline in its full-year profit as Coronavirus weighs on demand
29th April
Bank of Japan undertakes to only purchase a ‘necessary’ amount of government bonds
9th April
Nissan Motor seeks £3.71 billion credit line as Coronavirus hurts production and demand
7th April
The We Company sues SoftBank for terminating its £2.43 billion tender offer
2nd April
WeWork in crisis as SoftBank terminates its £2.41 billion tender offer
28th March
OneWeb Files For Bankruptcy After Failing to Secure Softbank Funding
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