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Take your first steps in the world of Forex or else become even more of an expert in foreign currency trading. We give you the opportunity to capitalise on worldwide foreign exchange pairs via updates on news, live price data and expert training courses. 

Latest forex news

Better understand the forex market by delving into the latest currency news. Take your time to understand the appealing world of currencies to make wiser investments.

Here’s how EUR/USD price could drop below $1.15 in August
8th August
  • The non-farm payroll (NFP) came in better than expected on Friday, helping the greenback to climb
  • The U.S. Republicans and Democrats have struggled to agree on a new stimulus package so far
  • EUR/USD price is showing signs of a potential reversal in the trend direction
EUR/USD turns lower after strong US NFP and wage growth numbers
7th August

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Invest in foreign currency

Investing in foreign currency requires learning the basics of forex trading. Use our guides to compare brokers and help make your first forex trade to buy USD, GBP, AUD and more.

Features & analysis

Our editors work hard to give you the best features on the movements of Pounds, Dollars, Euros and other major currencies and pairs. Enjoy developing your knowledge by reading interesting analysis and opinions here.

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Hints & tips

You have probably travelled abroad and had to transfer money or change your notes into the local currency to make purchases and to pay for other luxuries. In the process of exchanging the currency, you must have realised that the exchange was done at a certain rate. Simply, this exchange is what amounts to foreign exchange or forex for short. The forex market is the largest and most liquid, based on the amount of money changing hands in a day. Given that the exchange rates fluctuate frequently, there is an opportunity for you to earn a handsome profit if you decide to take the risk.

Forex prices and data

Understand the price fluctuations that matter. We gather together all the top currency live price data, allowing you see at a glance how the Forex market is moving at any given time.

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Forex courses

Don’t take a chance on making poor decisions due to a lack of in-depth knowledge. Try our Forex courses to up your game on forex investments and trading techniques.

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More of the latest FX news

7th August
AUD/USD rally fizzles after a slight decline in China imports
6th August
USD/TRY: This is why the Turkish lira is plunging today
6th August
GBP/USD breaks key resistance after mild BOE interest rate decision
6th August
DXY: US dollar index struggles ahead of initial jobless claims data
5th August
EUR/USD surge gains momentum after impressive EU retail sales data
5th August
USD/SEK falls to a 2-year low as signs of Swedish recovery emerge
5th August
AUD/USD rises after impressive Australian services PMI
5th August
NZD/USD targets 0.6700 after a surprise New Zealand unemployment rate data
4th August
DXY: US dollar index recovery fades as traders eye stimulus talks
4th August
USD/CHF finds resistance as Swiss consumer confidence improves
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