Compare the 3 best forex brokers that accept Neteller in 2024

This guide explains how to find the best Neteller forex brokers. Follow our simple walkthrough to make your first deposit.
Updated: May 25, 2023

What you’ll learn:

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  • The best Neteller forex broker for your budget
  • How to sign up and link Neteller to your forex account
  • How much Neteller deposits cost and how safe each broker is

What are the best Neteller forex brokers?

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The best forex broker that accepts Neteller is Start Trading .

Here are some more Neteller forex brokers with low fees, top security, and fast execution speeds:

How to trade currencies with a Neteller forex broker

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It takes about 10 minutes to sign up for an account with a forex broker. Neteller is a simple way to deposit the money to fund a trading account. Here’s how to get started. 

Step 1. Sign up with Start Trading

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We recommend Start Trading as the best Neteller forex broker.

Create an account by supplying your email address, along with some contact details, and ID verification.

Step 2. Go to the payment page on your broker’s website or app

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This is normally situated in the menu bar or sidebar navigation. Look for a ‘deposit’ or ‘bank’ button.

Step 3. Select Neteller as your preferred payment method

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Find Neteller from the drop down list of ways to transfer money. Select it to set Neteller as your default deposit and withdrawal method.

Step 4. Enter the amount you want to deposit into your forex trading account

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Decide how much you want to start with. You may be asked to log in or approve the transaction by Neteller before it goes through.

Step 5. Trade your first currency

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Search for a currency pair, such as USD/GBP or GBP/EUR, enter how much you want to spend, and execute the trade.

Sign up & start trading

Quick answers to key questions

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What is a Neteller forex broker?

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A forex broker lets you trade one foreign currency for another to take advantage of price movements of different currencies. A Neteller forex broker is a trading platform that lets you make deposits and fund your account with Neteller. 

What are the fees and commissions when using Neteller brokers?

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It depends on the broker. The difference between a broker’s buy and sell price for each currency is the main cost of trading. This cost (known as the ‘spread’) is the same regardless of how you decide to fund your account.

There may be additional fees for depositing or withdrawing funds to your Neteller account. Neteller fees can vary and are likely to be higher than using a direct bank transfer.

Spend some time researching online brokers to avoid any surprising hidden costs.

Is it safe to trade forex with Neteller?

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As long as you pick the right platform, yes. Regulated brokers provide investor protection in accordance with local financial regulations. All of our recommended brokers are regulated, but you can check by searching for its registration number with the local regulator.

The best Neteller forex brokers also offer robust encryption features that protect your data and keep forex traders secure. 

Do I need to provide ID when trading forex with a Neteller broker?

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Yes, you will need to provide identification when using a forex broker that accepts Neteller. A verification process is standard procedure for all the best brokers, as they have to comply with KYC financial regulations.

The verification process may include anything from some basic financial and personal information to a photo ID. 

Can I use MetaTrader 4 with forex brokers that accept Neteller?

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Yes. MT4 is a piece of trading software that’s popular with forex traders and available with most brokers. You can download the MetaTrader software and link it to any of your broker accounts.

The same applies to MetaTrader 5, which is simply the latest version of the software.

Do many forex brokers accept Neteller?

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Yes, Neteller is quite widely accepted. Most forex brokers offer lots of different payment methods, so you can normally find one that suits you.

Pros and cons of using Neteller to deposit funds

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When deciding if you should start trading forex with a Neteller broker, consider these potential benefits and drawbacks:


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  • Easy to use. Neteller is a fast, easy, and reliable way to make purchases online, making it a good choice for forex transactions too.
  • Fast deposits. You can fund your forex account quickly using Neteller, allowing you to begin trading forex whenever you’re ready. 
  • Widely used in Europe. Neteller is used by a large number of users, especially in Europe. Forex brokers have recognised that widespread usage and often permit trading with Neteller.


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What to look for when trading forex with Neteller brokers

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Once you’ve established that the brokers you’re considering accept Neteller, you can narrow your search to make sure you’re also finding a broker that offers great service. Think about these factors when you decide:

  • Low fees. Look for platforms that won’t too much money out of your pocket in the form of high fees and commissions, or excessively wide price spreads. 
  • Variety of forex trading options. Many brokers offer multiple trading options, such as spread betting, futures, and contracts for difference (CFDs). If variety matters to you, look for one that offers numerous different trading options. 
  • Number of currency pairs. Some of the most commonly traded currencies on forex exchanges are the British pound (GBP), US dollar (USD), and Euro (EUR), but there are many more currencies that forex brokers can help you trade. Look for a broker that offers a large number of currencies and trading pairs.
  • Security. A high level of security is essential, so always check out what security features a broker has in place before trusting them with your trades.
  • Great customer service. The best brokers offer fast, helpful, and responsive customer service, sometimes even around the clock. That’s especially useful for beginner forex traders who may naturally have more questions than more advanced traders.
Sign up & fund account


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